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Kuroda; Hirofumi
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8138266 Semiconductor-encapsulating resin composition and semiconductor device March 20, 2012
A semiconductor-encapsulating resin composition includes a curing agent and a compound (A) having a plurality of glycidyl ether groups. When ion viscosity of the resin composition is measured under conditions of a measurement temperature of about C. and a measurement freq
8117881 Press-molding method and press-molding device February 21, 2012
A press-molding device (80) press molds a bottom portion of a work piece (9) having a closed-end shape between an, inner die (521) inserted into the work piece (9) and an outer die (551) disposed on an outside of the work piece (9). A chuck position switching mechanism (501) grips the wo
8092612 Cooling method and cooling device January 10, 2012
A cooling device (70) for cooling a work piece (9) that has reached a high temperature due to the implementation of a closing operation in which a bottom portion (9c) is formed by closing an end portion of the tubular work piece (9) comprises a tilting mechanism (151) which tilts the
7696286 Semiconductor encapsulant of epoxy resin, polyphenolic compound, filler and accelerator April 13, 2010
A resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation contains an epoxy resin (A); a phenolic compound (B) containing two or more phenolic hydroxyl groups; an inorganic filler (C); and a curing accelerator (D). The epoxy resin (A) contains an epoxy resin (a1) represented by the formula
7671146 Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device March 2, 2010
This invention provides an epoxy resin composition for encapsulating a semiconductor exhibiting higher flame resistance, good flowability and adequately higher solder-reflow resistance to allow for the use of a lead-free solder without a flame retardant, as well as a highly reliable
7157313 Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device using thereof January 2, 2007
The present invention provides an epoxy resin composition for packaging a semiconductor device, characterized in having improved mold releasability during a molding process, continuous-moldability and improved solder resistance. According to the present invention, there is provided an

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