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Kuriyama; Toshihide
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7990747 Semiconductor chip and semiconductor device August 2, 2011
There are provided a semiconductor device and a semiconductor chip, in which the interconnection is made to be highly reliable by stacking three or more layers of chips without contact therebetween. A semiconductor chip of the present invention comprises a first signal transmission c
7430125 Data processing terminal, parent board, child board, terminal designing apparatus and method, co September 30, 2008
A second ground plane (18); has one end opposite to a connector (14), which end is connected to a first ground plane (17) by resistor connection element (41). Accordingly, it is possible to lower Q of resonance of the ground structure by the resistor connection element (41) and to pr
7268739 Data processing terminal, parent substrate, child substrate, terminal design apparatus and metho September 11, 2007
A second ground plane (18); has one end opposite to a connector (14), which end is connected to a first ground plane (17) by resistor connection element (41). Accordingly, it is possible to lower Q of resonance of the ground structure by the resistor connection element (41) and to pr
7164898 Wireless portable device January 16, 2007
A current restriction structure for restricting a higher-harmonic-wave current generated in a digital circuit block from entering a radio circuit block and/or a radio-frequency current generated in the radio circuit block from entering the digital circuit block is disposed between th
7031744 Compact cellular phone April 18, 2006
A compact cellular phone with a foldable configuration and two planar antennas having outward directivities are provided inside the compact cellular phone in the foldable configuration. An interval between the two planar antennas provided to a pair of housings is equal to or wider than
6882542 Electronic apparatus April 19, 2005
An electronic apparatus comprises a function module having a multilayer wiring unit including a first signal wiring corresponding to an internal layer wiring, a first signal via, a first reference potential wiring, a first signal pad to which the first signal wiring is connected through
6774641 Printed circuit board design support apparatus, method, and program August 10, 2004
In a printed circuit board design support apparatus for supporting design of a printed circuit board by calculating a radiation amount of electromagnetic radiation caused by an interconnection on the basis of design information related to each of the printed circuit board having a gr
6754876 System and method for designing a printed board adapted to suppress electromagnetic interference June 22, 2004
A design support system utilizes an information processor for supporting a printed board design. The design support system includes a first unit for designing a printed board that includes at least a ground layer. The design support system also includes a second unit for finding at least
6598208 Design and assisting system and method using electromagnetic position July 22, 2003
A design assisting system is constructed as a CAD (computer-aided design) system for assisting in designing printed-circuit boards or other electronic devices. The system makes it possible to design layouts for reducing an unwanted electromagnetic radiation due to a common-mode curre
6545650 Apparatus for three-dimensionally displaying object and method of doing the same April 8, 2003
There is provided an apparatus for three-dimensionally displaying an object, including (a) image-displaying devices which display images at an observer's eyes, (b) a beam scanner, (c) an area-identifier which detects a direction on which an observer turns at least one eye to thereby
6429832 Plasma display panel unit August 6, 2002
A plasma display panel (PDP) has a plurality of scanning electrodes and a plurality of common electrodes extending in a row direction, a plurality of data electrodes extending in a column direction, and a ground electrode disposed adjacent to the data electrodes for canceling the electro
6154580 Tactile sensor and fingerprint sensor using same November 28, 2000
A fingerprint sensor is disclosed, which employs a plurality of tactile sensors, each has an elastic insulating body between a member of an electrically conductive material, i.e., a gate electrode, and an insulating film deposited on a channel region of a field-effect transistor (FET
6147822 Image display device applying light beam scanning capable of direct image formation on retinas o November 14, 2000
An image display device of the present invention comprises a light converting means which converts picture signals into light beams, and a light beam scanning means which scans by beams. The light beam scanning means is provided with an x-axis optical scanner and a y-axis optical sca
6081304 Image display apparatus June 27, 2000
The present invention provides an image display apparatus capable of easily displaying a bright image having a sufficiently great field of view. The image display apparatus comprises: an optical scanner provided on a bow portion of a spectacle frame and having a movable mirror for de
5989974 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device November 23, 1999
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a region which is partially thinner than the rest thereof is disclosed. A semiconductor thin layer is formed on an insulating layer by an annealing treatment after implanting ions into the semiconductor substrate at a predetermined
5959760 Light beam scanner using large electrostatic force September 28, 1999
A light beam scanner includes a supporting substrate. Fixed electrodes of a first set are provided on the supporting substrate to oppose to each other. A mirror is provided between the fixed electrodes, has torsion bars physically connected to the supporting substrate and a mirror electr
5914704 Locator device using capacitance June 22, 1999
A position input device that makes it possible to control the position of a cursor by directly utilizing the movement of a finger of a person with good operability and convenience. This device includes an electrode support formed to define a space into which a position indicator is i
5550435 Field emission cathode apparatus August 27, 1996
It is the object of the invention to provide a field emission cathode apparatus comprising plural electron-emitters which eliminates nonuniformity of electric emission density over an emissive area, controls emission currents by active devices, and improves reliability of the apparat
5486478 Method of measuring ingredients in liquid January 23, 1996
A device for measuring the ingredients in liquid, primarily a body fluid. A valve has a reservoir composed of a communicating hole in the valve and a cell which is able to communicate with the reservoir. The cell may be connected with an inlet for a diluent through the reservoir and has
5251275 Tunable fiber Fabry-Perot etalon optical filter October 5, 1993
A pendulum-like member is formed in a silicon substrate. Optical fiber portions which include endface mirrors are disposed on the substrate proper and on the pendulum member. The position of the pendulum member is adjusted by applying a voltage across the member and an adjacent secti

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