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Kruckemeyer; William C.
Beavercreek, OH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8286763 Magnetorheological fluid-based device having a magnetorheological piston assembly October 16, 2012
A magnetorheological (MR) fluid-based device including an MR piston assembly. The MR piston assembly includes a ferromagnetic MR piston core and an electric coil. The MR piston core has a central longitudinal axis and has an outer circumferential surface substantially coaxially aligned
7307371 Actuator with amplified stroke length December 11, 2007
An actuator having a housing that defines an interior volume and a primary driver that includes either a piezoelectric element or a magnetorestrictive element. The primary driver has first and second opposing ends and defines a longitudinal length therebetween. The first end of the p
7240754 Truck cab suspension control July 10, 2007
A suspension system having a frame, a cab having a front portion pivotally mounted to the frame and at least one actuator mounted between a rear portion of the cab and the frame. A position sensor is mounted adjacent the rear portion of the cab for generating a first signal indicating a
7229303 Environmentally sealed connector with blind mating capability June 12, 2007
A connector assembly (10) is provided including a first connector (12) and a second connector (14) configured to mateably engage the first connector (12). The first connector (12) includes a housing (16), a conductor assembly (18) positioned within the housing and projecting from housing
6902045 Apparatus, system and method for a vehicle suspension system June 7, 2005
A vehicle suspension system comprising a damper having a lower mount end and an upper mount end and a spring having a lower end and an upper end positioned around the damper. The spring and the damper have a common central axis. An adjustment assembly is operably attached at the lower
6863163 Self leveling vehicle suspension damper March 8, 2005
A suspension damper comprises a cylinder tube and a control partition. The cylinder tube is disposed within a reservoir tube to define a fluid reservoir, and has at least one first hole. The control partition is disposed in the fluid reservoir, and communicates with the at least one
6837344 Piston and rod assembly for air-actuated variable damping January 4, 2005
A damper includes a piston that carries a relatively compact control valve for controlling fluid flow through the piston. The control valve provides a variable amount of damping by regulating damper fluid flow between the extension chamber and the compression chamber of the damper during
6805381 Magnetorheological seat belt actuator October 19, 2004
A seatbelt retractor is operably coupled to a belt dereeling retarder mechanism which utilizes a magnetorheological fluid and a coil for imposing a magnetic field on the fluid to selectively change the fluid properties and a braking or retarding effect imposed on the belt retractor d
6758041 Electric power brake booster July 6, 2004
A brake apparatus and method utilize an electric power brake booster for operating a push rod actuated hydraulic master cylinder. The existing vehicle electrical system provides electric power for the power brake booster, thus eliminating the need for engine driven or auxiliary press
6679508 Flexible no-lash drive plate January 20, 2004
The subject inventive steering damper assembly includes a rotor sleeve having open first and second ends and a drive plate disposed in the open second end. A core is co-axially disposed in the rotor sleeve closing the open first end of the rotor sleeve and defining a magnetic fluid chamb
6637560 Vehicle damper assembly and method of modulating fluid flow October 28, 2003
The invention provides a vehicle damper assembly and a method for modulating fluid flow through the same. The assembly includes a housing including a fluid carried therein. A piston is slidably carried in the housing and includes a ring and a core. At least one gap to allow fluid flo
6637558 Magnetorheological steering damper October 28, 2003
A damper for dampening vibrations of a rotatable steering shaft of a motor vehicle comprises a rotor and means for rotating the rotor at a rate proportional to and greater than rotation of the steering shaft. Magnetorheological fluid is disposed at least partially around the rotor, a
6637557 Magnetorheological strut piston with compression bypass October 28, 2003
An adjustable vehicle suspension strut configured to be arranged between a wheel assembly and a body of a vehicle, the adjustable strut including a tube. A piston is slidably carried in the tube on a piston rod. A coil is carried on the piston adjacent a first flow passageway in the pist
6622830 Rotary damper September 23, 2003
A rotary damper for use in motor vehicle suspensions comprising a rotor disposed within damping fluid in a fluid chamber of a casing to form inner fluid volume and outer fluid volume, with first valve and second valve for controlling flow between the inner fluid volume and the outer flui
6616124 Spool valve for controlled dampers September 9, 2003
The problem of flow induced instability in a control valve for a vehicle damper is solved by a generally tubular shaped valve spool having an open, bridged, flow-through end, rather than side flow openings. The flow-through end of the spool has a narrow flat edge oriented perpendicul
6561305 Hydraulic clutching steering damper May 13, 2003
A damper for a vehicle rack and pinion-type power steering system reduces or eliminates high frequency and low amplitude vibrations commonly associated with high-speed steering wheel shake. The damper includes a hydraulically actuated clutch that is energized by a spring in the damper.
6536565 Rotary damper March 25, 2003
A rotary damper for use in motor vehicle suspensions comprising a rotor disposed within damping fluid in a fluid chamber of a case to form fluid volumes, with valves for flow control and an accumulator for fluid fill variation and thermal expansion mounted internal to the rotor. A first
6527093 Pressure controlled suspension damper March 4, 2003
A vibration damper for a vehicle suspension system includes a pumping cylinder concentrically aligned inside a housing defining a pumping chamber having a piston stroking therein for reducing the level of vehicle vibration. An intermediate cylinder defines an intermediate chamber with
6513819 Hydraulically actuated sway bar latch February 4, 2003
An automotive vehicle sway bar assembly includes two opposed sway bar members interconnected by a hydraulically actuated latch operable to effectively decouple the sway bar members. Alternatively, the sway bar assembly may include an integral center section interconnecting the oppose
6508480 Vehicle steering damping system with magnetostrictive element January 21, 2003
A vehicle steering system includes a steering wheel and a steering shaft coupled between the steering wheel and wheels of the vehicle. The shaft is operable for rotating when the steering wheel is turned to thereby turn the vehicle wheels. A vibration damping system for absorbing vibrati
6481546 Magneto-rheological damping valve using laminated construction November 19, 2002
A magneto-rheological damping device comprises a core element capable of acting as a magnetic circuit which carries a magnetic flux, and a case element surrounding a portion of the core element. A passage exists between the case element and core element, and an amount of magneto-rheo
6450304 Piston and rod assembly for air-actuated variable damping September 17, 2002
A damper includes a piston that carries a relatively compact control valve for controlling fluid flow through the piston. The control valve provides a variable amount of damping by regulating damper fluid flow between the extension chamber and the compression chamber of the damper during
6341677 Vehicle rotary suspension damper of composite construction January 29, 2002
A rotary damper for a vehicle trailing arm suspension mechanism includes a housing defined by a body molded of a reinforced plastic and defining a fluid filled cavity in which a multi-bladed rotor is disposed to form plural fluid filled damper chambers. The rotor is connected to a shaft
5620028 Brake Module with integrated accumulator April 15, 1997
A brake module including an integrally formed manifold and accumulator provides a way of simplifying assembly, increasing packaging flexibility and reducing the total number of individual components.
5609401 Proportional braking system with dual poppet valves March 11, 1997
A brake system with a direct connection between the master cylinder and wheel brake through an isolation valve and dual normally closed poppet style control valves provides efficient, proportional and independent wheel control suitable for use in achieving anti-lock braking and traction
5605384 Access valve evacuation and fill of inaccessible cavities February 25, 1997
A braking system is provided with the addition of a normally closed access valve that is held in the open position during assembly of the braking system providing a path for the evacuation and fluid filling process of the braking system. Through the additional access valve, all areas,

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