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Kressner; Michael
Leichlingen, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5959001 Pigment preparations September 28, 1999
Pigment preparations comprising at leasta) 5 to 80% by weight, based on the preparation, of pigment,b) a paste-making agent which is liquid at C. under normal pressure,c) an amine and/or salt thereof with an average molecular weight, determined as the number-average, of M.sub.n .l
5889065 Pigment preparations March 30, 1999
This invention relates to pigment preparations containing(a) a pigment,(b) a monohydroxy ether, a polyether polyol, and/or a polyester polyol,(c) a polyisocyanate addition product having an NCO content of <1.0 wt. % and 30 to 95 wt. % of ethylene oxide units arranged within polyether chai
4988752 Colored thermoplastic resin composition January 29, 1991
Process for the coloring of thermoplastics in the mass, characterized in that dyestuffs of the formula ##STR1## are used in which X denotes H, alkyl, preferably C.sub.1 -C.sub.6 -alkyl, cycloalkyl, preferably C.sub.5 -C.sub.6 -cycloalkyl, CF.sub.3, halogen, preferably F, Cl, Br,Y
4386195 Dyestuff preparations, processes for their production and their use for dyeing plastics May 31, 1983
Dyestuff preparations which are capable of flow and contain (a) at least one dyestuff which is sparingly soluble or insoluble in water, (b) at least one polyester of phthalic acid and a polyalcohol and optionally a monohydric alcohol with 1-18 C atoms and (c) optionally further auxil
4332587 Colorant preparations, a process for their production and their use for coloring plastics June 1, 1982
A colorant preparation containing(A) a colorant which is sparingly soluble or insoluble in water,(B) a plasticizer based on an ester and(C) a reaction product of a fatty acid ester of a polyhydric alcohol and ethylene oxide, a process for the production of this preparation and its use for pi

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