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Kranawetter; Greg A.
Indianapolis, IN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5633689 Apparatus for separating a digital composite video signal into components May 27, 1997
A digital filter (20,30) separates an M-bit (12) chrominance component (C12) from an N-bit (8) digital composite video signal (CV) supplied thereto, M (12) being greater than N (8) due to arithmetic operations (24,44,46,50) required for the separation. The separated M bit chrominance
5345272 Delay matching for video data during expansion and compression September 6, 1994
Video luminance data from a video signal is selectably compressed and expanded in a first signal path including a first line memory. A second line memory in a parallel signal path processes video chrominance data from the video signal. A control circuit generates respective timing si
5345270 Managing letterbox signals with logos and closed captions September 6, 1994
A video display control system comprises: a video display having a wide format display ratio; a letterbox detector for sampling video information in pictures represented by input video signals having a letterbox format and generating a control signal for enlarging the pictures for su
5309111 Apparatus for measuring skew timing errors May 3, 1994
Apparatus for measuring skew in a clock signal for processing a video signal includes a cascade connection of a plurality of analog delay elements to which the clock signal is applied. The output connections of each analog delay element is coupled to a data input terminal of a respec

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