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Kothuri; Ravikanth V.
Nashua, NH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7877405 Pruning of spatial queries using index root MBRS on partitioned indexes January 25, 2011
A method, system, and computer program product provides improved performance for queries on local partitioned indexes. A method of performing a database query comprises receiving a query of spatial data in a database, the database comprising at least one partitioned spatial index, ob
7490084 Deferred incorporation of updates for spatial indexes February 10, 2009
The present invention provides techniques by which updates may be incorporated in database indexes without causing deadlocks of user transactions. In deferred-incorporate update, the updates are propagated to the index only at transaction commit time. A method of handling transaction
7379936 Pruning of spatial queries on geodetic data when query window has holes May 27, 2008
A method for evaluating a spatial query comprises receiving a spatial query defining a query window including a void, identifying an interior circle for the query window, wherein the interior circle includes a void, and processing the spatial query by either (1) modifying the at least on
7239989 Within-distance query pruning in an R-tree index July 3, 2007
A method for determining a with-distance relationship between a first geometry object and a second geometry object. The method includes defining an exterior approximation of the first geometry and the second geometry. A distance between the exterior approximations is computed. The co
7219108 Query prunning using exterior tiles in an R-tree index May 15, 2007
Determining relationships among objects represented in a database includes defining a plurality of tiles in the approximation of the first geometry by dividing the approximation of the first geometry in a first direction a plurality of times and dividing the approximation of the first ge
7185023 Query pruning using interior circles for geodetic data in an R-tree index February 27, 2007
A method for determining relationships among data representing regions on a surface of a body. The method includes identifying a center of a first geometry. A minimum distance is identified from the center to a boundary of the first geometry. A first circle is defined on the surface of t
7181467 Delayed distance computations for nearest-neighbor queries in an R-tree index February 20, 2007
A method for locating neighboring data geometries of a query geometry. A minimum bounding rectangle of the query geometry is determined. A minimum bounding rectangle of each data geometry is determined. Candidate data geometries are identified by determining if a distance between the
7080065 Query pruning using interior rectangles in an R-tree index July 18, 2006
To determine relationships among objects represented in a database at least one interior rectangle lying entirely within a first geometric shape is define. A minimum bounding area for the first geometry and a minimum bounding area for a second geometry are defined and compared with o
6879980 Nearest neighbor query processing in a linear quadtree spatial index April 12, 2005
A method for locating neighbor objects of a query object in a database. A query tile set is defined including a plurality of tiles that define an initial query radius that the query object is grouped within. Neighbor objects are located within the initial query radius. A number of neighb

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