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Kosaka; Akira
Yao, JP
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8248497 Image sensor device with movable sensor August 21, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a small-sized image sensor device having high precision of moving an object to be moved. The image sensor device includes: a fixed unit; a movable unit including an image sensor; a beam unit fixed to the fixed unit and movably supporting
8154649 Optical unit and image pickup apparatus utilizing electrostrictive drive elements April 10, 2012
An optical unit is provided which is characterized by compact configuration, high performance and minimized noise, and which has a drive element to drive a lens cone holding an image pickup optical system, and has the same outside diameter as the lens cone, wherein the optical unit d
8138564 Image sensor unit and image sensor apparatus March 20, 2012
An image sensor unit includes a fixed substrate, a movable substrate, an actuate section including an actuator for moving the movable substrate against the fixed substrate, an image sensor having an imaging surface on a front surface of the image sensor, and at least, a part of a rear
8000590 Driving apparatus, image capturing unit, and image capturing apparatus August 16, 2011
An object of the preset invention is to provide a technique capable of preventing occurrence of an assembly error. A driving apparatus for driving an object includes: a driving part having a stationary part and a moving part; and a displacement transmitting part for transmitting a di
7916210 Driving device and image stabilizing system March 29, 2011
An art of a driving device for appropriately improving a response of an SMA actuator will be provided. A portable telephone 1 has an image stabilization system 10 for driving an image pickup unit 9 by a pair of driving members 15a and 15b functioning as actuators, thereby performing
7750534 Drive device and drive system July 6, 2010
Driving techniques are provided for achieving a sufficiently low-speed drive and smooth change in the drive speed. Voltage is applied to an electromechanical element by repeating an output cycle in which one voltage value out of a first voltage value is output during a first period,
7703281 Motor, motor device, and lens drive mechanism using the same April 27, 2010
An arrangement of the invention includes a base block 16, a cylindrical cam 14, as a rotary member, which is rotatably supported on the base block 16, and includes a contact portion on an outer periphery thereof for outputting a rotating force, a drive gear 21, as an oscillatory ring,
7701486 Image capturing device April 20, 2010
An image capturing device, including an rectangular image capturing element having long sides and short sides; an image capturing optical system forming an image of a subject on the rectangular image capturing element; a first driving device which moves the rectangular image capturin
7647806 Drive January 19, 2010
A drive for operating a movable part with respect to a fixed part includes: a driving member having a linear shape and being made of a shape-memory alloy; and a crimp terminal for holding one end of the driving member at the fixed part or the movable part. At least a part to which th
7614228 System and method of manufacturing actuator November 10, 2009
A system of manufacturing an actuator for driving a to-be-driven object by extension/contraction of a shape memory alloy, the system comprising: a mounting unit configured to mount the shape memory alloy between an actuator body and the to-be-driven object; and a heater configured to
7608979 Driving device and driving system October 27, 2009
Drive technology is provided which makes suitable low velocity driving and smooth changing of driving velocity possible and achieves reduced power consumption. In the driving device, the drive unit is driven which engages with drive shaft which moves back and forth in tandem with ext
7576475 Actuator device and method of manufacturing the same August 18, 2009
An actuator device which is made as a laminated structure including a displacement-functioning layer having a region to be deformed by the electric field and an electrode-functioning layer having a region to function as an electrode. And an manufacturing method in which the above-men
7535626 Shape-variable optical element, optical device and image pickup apparatus May 19, 2009
A shape-variable optical element, which includes: a shape-variable section made up of an organic material that can be expanded and contracted by an electric field, in a direction of the electric field; and a pair of electrode layers to sandwich the shape-variable section, wherein amounts
7532382 Display element May 12, 2009
The present invention provides a display element including a layered body. The layered body includes a layered portion comprising a plurality of transparent thin films with different refractive indexes, and a plurality of electrodes which are adapted to apply an electric field to each of
7286163 Image taking device with bent optical system October 23, 2007
A digital camera having an image shake correction apparatus and a method of preventing the image shake of an image taken by the digital camera. The digital camera includes optical elements arranged along a bent line for focusing an object image upon a light receiving plane in which the
7248037 Position sensing device for determining a relative position of a magnet with respect to a magnet July 24, 2007
A position detector includes a pair of magnetic sensors spaced from each other and a magnetic force generator movable relative to the pair of magnetic sensors. The length of the magnetic force generator along the space between the magnetic sensors is equal to or larger than a length of
7180542 Imaging lens device and digital camera having the imaging lens device February 20, 2007
Imaging lens device has a zoom lens system and an image sensor. The zoom lens system has a first reflecting surface, a first movable lens unit, an aperture stop, a second reflecting surface, a second movable lens unit. A first reflecting surface bends a first optical axis which is an inc
7170558 Compact and low-profile digital camera January 30, 2007
A digital camera which allows to make thickness, height and width of its camera body small. The camera has a first optical member for generally perpendicularly bending a first optical axis of light coming from an object through a lens opening part, a second optical member for bending a
7057645 Camera system that compensates low luminance by composing multiple object images June 6, 2006
In a digital camera using an image pickup device such as CCD, a high resolution and properly exposed image is obtained by composition a plurality of image data of the same object taken by a plurality of image pickup operation when a luminance of the object is lower. Each image data i
6856072 Ultrasonic driving mechanism February 15, 2005
An ultrasonic drive apparatus for preventing a slip between an object to be driven and a driving part of the apparatus to drive the object. The driving part includes an elastic member through which vibrations from electrical-mechanical converters are transmitted to the object. The el
6701071 Lens barrel with built-in blur correction mechanism March 2, 2004
A lens-driver for driving a lens for compensating image blur caused by camera shaking has two driving-levers. In each driving-lever, one end is rotatably connected to a lens frame via a holding shaft and the other end is rotatably supported by a rotation shaft. Two driving levers are
6618212 Lens driving apparatus and photographic apparatus September 9, 2003
A lens driving apparatus which drives a first and a second lens group arranged in the optical axis by a first drive means and a second drive means, wherein the apparatus has a first and a second cam followers extending mutually parallel in a right angle direction to the optical axis
6554501 Actuator control method and control device April 29, 2003
A control device for control an actuator comprises a `shape-memory alloy that recovers to prescribed memory dimensions` and `a force application means that applies an external force to the shape-memory alloy and changes its dimensions` has a pre-heating means that, prior to the control o
6528926 Driving apparatus March 4, 2003
A driving apparatus enjoying improved performance through the prevention of fluctuations in the driving characteristic, wherein a driven member, which is frictionally engaged with a driving member fixed to an electromechanical conversion element, is driven based on driving that is no
6516146 Actuator using shape memory alloy and method for controlling the same February 4, 2003
An actuator using a novel shape memory alloy which, even when there is a large difference between a transformation start temperature of the shape memory alloy and a heating start temperature, can diminish a time lag based on the temperature difference from the time when an operation star
6459855 Actuator October 1, 2002
An actuator applied with shape memory alloy which can be operated in a wide operating temperature range and has a long life time. At a normal ambient temperature, when the first wire of the acting member made of shape memory alloy in which predetermined shape is memorized in advance, is
6448694 Actuator and driving method thereof September 10, 2002
An actuator includes at least two piezoelectric devices arranged for crossing displacing directions thereof at a predetermined angle, a chip member provided at a coupling point of the piezoelectric devices, and a spring for contacting the chip member to a rotor driven by the actuator.
6434932 Control mechanism with actuator employing shape memory alloy and method for adjusting servo cont August 20, 2002
A controller in which an actuator has a shape memory alloy (SMA), for controlling a position of a member driven by the actuator. The controller includes the SMA, a spring coil connected to the SMA, an operation device for calculating a voltage to be supplied to the SMA on the basis of
6307678 Image shake correction device for optical apparatus and optical apparatus having image shake cor October 23, 2001
An image shake correction device for correcting image shake on the focal plane of an optical apparatus due to vibration of the optical apparatus such as a camera. A correction optical element is provided in the optical path of the principal optical system, the correction optical element
6232700 Electromechanical actuator that compensates for an applied load and apparatus employing the same May 15, 2001
An actuator using an electromechanical transducer suitable for an apparatus where the magnitude of the load differs depending on drive directions. An apparatus using the actuator in which the actuator is arranged such that a direction of a further advantageous and further efficient displ
6157779 Image shake correcting optical apparatus December 5, 2000
To provide an image shake correcting optical apparatus using a small, lightweight engaging mechanism for the correction lens holder engaging mechanism. A ring-shaped engaging member 16 formed of shape memory alloy and having three engaging arms on its inside is located outside a lens
6005723 Lens movable in a perpendicular direction to the optical axis December 21, 1999
A lens device has a stationary frame, a movable frame supported by said stationary frame so as to be movable in a first direction, a first drive device disposed between said stationary frame and said movable frame to drive said movable frame in a first direction, a lens holding frame to
5986826 Drive device using electromechanical conversion element November 16, 1999
A drive device for driving an optical element suitable to be attached to a camera shake correction device. The drive device employs items molded from a synthetic resin in which the elastic deformation of the synthetic resin allows the oscillation of a piezoelectric element to be adequate
5943512 Apparatus equipment with position detecting device August 24, 1999
A position detecting apparatus, which is used in a shake correctable camera for detecting positions of an optical axis of a shake correction lens, corrects an error component of a first position sensor for detecting the position of the optical axis in a first direction which is, for exam

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