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Koorapaty; Havish
Cary, NC
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8274995 Cyclic prefix for non-contiguous signal transmission September 25, 2012
Transmitted signals are modified to facilitate the emulation of circular convolution in non-contiguous transmission environments. These modified signals may be derived from well-known signature sequences. In an exemplary method, a tail portion of a final segment of a base signal is p
8259827 Quick paging receivers in telecommunication systems September 4, 2012
Methods and apparatus by which receiving stations or other communication network nodes can receive quick paging code words assigned by transmitting stations to the receiving stations. A receiving station can estimate the characteristics of the channel to the transmitting station base
8244305 Efficient, secure digital wireless voice telephony via selective encryption August 14, 2012
Secure, digital, packet-switched, voice telephony calls are wirelessly transmitted in an efficient manner that reduces air interface bandwidth consumption by encrypting only vocoder data frames containing encoded speech, and not encrypting vocoder data frames that do not contain spee
8233428 Using a synchronization channel to send quick paging signals July 31, 2012
In an orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system, a base station transmits a quick paging signal simultaneously with a synchronization signal during the same transmission symbol time period. Even though these different signals are transmitted during the same t
8155701 Uplink radio frames apportioned for plural multiple access technologies April 10, 2012
Frames of information are communicated between a base station (28) of a radio access network (RAN) and plural types of wireless terminals (30). Frame handlers of the base station and of certain types of wireless terminals (30-2) process differing portions of the frame according to re
8155247 Message decoding with a priori information and soft combining April 10, 2012
A method and arrangement for improving channel decoding performance in a radio receiver. Data bits from previously decoded messages are analyzed to provide a priori information to a channel decoder which is decoding a currently received message of the same type. The invention may analyze
8144720 Uplink radio resource allocation in the presence of power limited users March 27, 2012
A base station in an OFDMA system which determines a modulation and coding scheme to use for a packet of a certain size to be transmitted by a Mobile Station. The base station schedules transmissions by mobile stations and transmits packets. The base station includes a processing uni
8111787 OFDM channel estimation method and apparatus February 7, 2012
Smaller patterns of regularly-spaced pilot symbols are discerned from a larger pattern of irregularly-spaced pilot symbols transmitted in the time-frequency domain. Accordingly, the irregularly-spaced pilot symbols can be partitioned into at least two different groups of regularly-spaced
8098623 Telecommunications frame structure accomodating differing formats January 17, 2012
A radio access network (RAN) (20) comprise a base station (28) and a wireless terminal (30). The base station 28 comprises a transceiver (38) and a frame handler (40), the wireless terminal (30) comprises a transceiver (48) and a wireless terminal frame handler (50). The frame handle
8031656 Semi-persistent resource allocation method for uplink transmission in wireless packet data syste October 4, 2011
A wireless telecommunications network supplies a semi-persistent resource that a wireless station can use for special purposes (such as a retransmission of packets for ARQ purposes or a control signal. The semi-persistent resource can be allocated by the system to other terminals if,
7899015 Method and apparatus for resource reuse in a communication system March 1, 2011
Method and apparatuses taught herein enable link adaptation feedback to be determined in advance for future transmit intervals, based on one or more data sending units sending indications of future transmit resource allocations, and receiving corresponding link adaptation feedback from
7889799 Method and apparatus for OFDM channel estimation February 15, 2011
According to methods and apparatus taught herein, an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed (OFDM) transmitter increases pilot density in the edge regions of an OFDM signal, such as by using additional pilot sub carriers in the edge regions. For example, the OFDM signal includes first
7796698 Interference suppression in a multicarrier receiver September 14, 2010
A receiver uses knowledge of pilot symbols transmitted by a neighboring sector to reduce interference in a received data symbol. The received data symbol is transmitted on one or more data subcarriers in a first sector. Overlapping pilot symbols transmitted on overlapping pilot carri
7440755 System and method for locating a wireless local area network October 21, 2008
A system and method for finding a wireless local area network, WLAN, when a mobile terminal is connected to a cellular network. A position associated with each WLAN operating within the coverage area of the cellular network is stored in a database. At predefined intervals or conditio
7376192 Delta modulation for channel feedback in transmit diversity wireless communication systems May 20, 2008
A method is described herein for reducing the number of feedback bits needed to send channel state information over a feedback channel from a receiving unit (e.g., mobile terminal, base station) to a transmitter unit (e.g., base station, mobile terminal) in a wireless communication s
7315536 Uplink synchronization in a radio telecommunication system January 1, 2008
A method and mobile station (MS) for synchronizing radio signal transmission times in a radiotelephone network. The MS measures a frame reception time for an nth frame, and obtains information regarding an offset between the times of transmission and reception of the nth frame. The M
7149534 Peer to peer information exchange for mobile communications devices December 12, 2006
The invention discloses various methods whereby mobile communications devices, connected to a communications network can share data by acting as both clients and servers. Specifically contemplated is the sharing of GPS assistance data. Also disclosed is the formation and use of hiera
7009948 Systems and methods for providing GPS time and assistance in a communications network March 7, 2006
A method for performing a position fix by a mobile terminal camped on a packet control channel is provided. The method includes transmitting a request for Global Positioning System (GPS) assistance data via the packet control channel and receiving the requested assistance data via th
6937865 Position detection system integrated into mobile terminal August 30, 2005
A wireless communications mobile terminal conserves bandwidth by determining which position detection assisting devices within a position detection system are available for use and limiting ephemeris information inquiries to only those devices that are available. To make this determi
6909758 Systems and methods for decoding data blocks June 21, 2005
Systems and methods for decoding data blocks enable a receiving device to decode a retransmitted data block using previously stored bits. A receiver demodulates a data block transmitted via a first modulation scheme. When the receiver is not able to decode the data block correctly, the
6873852 System and method of estimating the position of a mobile terminal in a radio telecommunications March 29, 2005
A system and method of estimating the position of a mobile terminal (MT) operating in a radio telecommunications network. Expected Received Signal Strength (RSS) values are predicted by a computer-aided prediction tool, and/or are measured by a test MT from base station transceivers. The
6829253 Methods and systems for efficiently using synchronization information in transitioning between c December 7, 2004
Methods and systems for a transceiver to acquire synchronization to a channel in a TDMA communications system by identifying a known synchronization word in a burst received at the transceiver over the channel are provided. Pursuant to these methods and systems a first uncertainty wi
6801778 Efficient location of mobile radiotelephones using cellular and GPS information October 5, 2004
The invention specifies various methods for the provision or calculation of a reference location for GPS-equipped mobile communications devices, specifically, GPS-equipped cellular phones. This is accomplished by providing certain GPS-related information over the cellular network, and
6631124 Methods and apparatus for allocating resources in hybrid TDMA communication systems October 7, 2003
A wireless communications system including at least one base station operative to communicate with terminals on a plurality of carrier frequencies in repetitive time slots defined thereon is operated by assigning an entire time slot or a spreading-code defined subchannel of a time sl
6628945 Apparatus and methods for high-penetration random access in wireless communications systems September 30, 2003
Access is provided in a wireless communications system including at least one base station operative to communicate with one or more terminals over a forward control channel and a reverse control channel. A high-penetration channel reservation status is transmitted indicator from a b
6603978 Accurate GPS time estimate based on information from a wireless communications system August 5, 2003
A method and apparatus for acquiring timing signals for use in a positioning receiver using timing assistance provided by a wireless communications system, such as cellular telephone system. A mobile terminal equipped with a positioning receiver operates in a wireless communications
6463450 Method and apparatus for the location of the peak of a function using a filter bank October 8, 2002
A method and apparatus for determining the location of the peak of a signal using an adaptive filter bank. The method includes the steps of providing a set of calculated output points for the function using a predetermined calculation interval. A maximum output point of the set is then
6438382 Expedited location determination in analog service areas August 20, 2002
A mobile terminal uses stored GPS data to expedite position determination when placing emergency calls. The mobile terminal receives supporting GPS data such as almanac and ephemeris information from a supporting digital wireless network when digital service is available. When operating
6405039 Apparatus and methods for allocation of high-penetration services in wireless communications sys June 11, 2002
A wireless communications system includes a plurality of base stations that communicate control information with terminals at a first redundancy level over regular control channels. A subset of the plurality of base stations also communicate control information with terminals at a second
6243588 Mobile positioning method for a portable communications device using shortened repetitive bursts June 5, 2001
Standard mobile cellular telephones use shortened burst signal transmissions to synchronize the transmission of a call over a cellular telephone network. These shortened bursts as well as other traffic channel bursts can be used to locate the position of the cell phone. In operation,
6204808 Method and system for aiding GPS receivers via a cellular or PCS network March 20, 2001
In accordance with the invention, there is disclosed a system for determining location of a mobile station. The mobile station includes a transceiver operating in a wireless network and a GPS receiver. The system includes a wireless network control system including GPS receivers for

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