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Koontz; Donald Eldridge
Summit, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4093520 Process for gold plating June 6, 1978
The invention is a process for rapidly electroplating certain metals such as gold, nickel, tin-nickel and tin-lead alloys on contact fingers for electronic printed wiring boards. Particularly important is uniform distribution of current amongst the fingers so as to produce uniform metal
4077852 Selective gold plating March 7, 1978
A process is described for selectively electroplating gold on metallic surfaces containing copper using a chromate film as a plating mask. This procedure permits reduced use of gold without adversely affecting device performance. In addition, chromate films may be patterned with relative
4071417 Process for decreasing the porosity of gold January 31, 1978
A process is described for making modified gold platings of low porosity. This process involves first putting down a gold layer and then passivating this layer using an electrochemical chromating procedure. This process permits use of much thinner gold layers than ordinarily used without
4049471 Technique for stabilizing contact resistance of gold plated electrical contacts September 20, 1977
A technique is described for stabilizing gold plated electrical contacts wherein the contacts are treated with an oxidizing agent at elevated temperatures, so resulting in a contact structure which does not evidence resistance drift during subsequent thermal aging. Additionally, the
4001093 Method of electroplating precious metals in localized areas January 4, 1977
A method of electroplating precious metal in localized areas. The deposits obtained are usually nonuniform and limited to only those areas where coating is actually required thus offering considerable economic savings. The method uses shaped anodes approaching the cathodes very closely,

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