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Kondo; Tetsujiro
Tokyo, JP
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RE41200 Digital data conversion equipment and a method for the same April 6, 2010
In digital data conversion apparatus and method, class data are generated in association with reference interpolated data for each of a plurality of classes on the basis of a reference high definition digital video signal which includes a reference standard definition digital video s
8300954 Information processing apparatus and method, and program October 30, 2012
An information processing apparatus includes a first classification unit configured to set each of pixels forming a first image as a pixel of interest and classify the pixels of interest into one of a plurality of provided classes of a first type in accordance with a predetermined rule;
8300115 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program October 30, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes a generation unit for generating a plurality of different values for one parameter of a processing applied on an image, a presentation unit for presenting a plurality of processing images obtained by performing a processing on the image with the
8300040 Coefficient generating device and method, image generating device and method, and program theref October 30, 2012
A coefficient generating device generating a conversion coefficient for converting an input image signal of an input image into a display image signal of a display image includes a past-image generating unit that generates a past image signal of a past image correlated with a teacher
8295516 System, apparatus, method and program for controlling output October 23, 2012
An output control system includes a plurality of output control apparatuses, the output control apparatuses controlling audio signals supplied to respective two-dimensionally arranged loudspeakers, including at least two loudspeakers in a vertical direction, and at least two loudspea
8290071 Modulating device and method, demodulating device and method, program, and recording medium October 16, 2012
A modulating device configured to perform modulation with the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing method, includes: a modulating unit configured to modulate main information with the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing method; and a determining unit configured to determ
8289315 Image signal generating apparatus, image signal generation method, computer program, and recordi October 16, 2012
An image signal generating apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a sight-line detecting unit, a peripheral image determination unit, and an image processing unit. The sight-line detecting unit detects a sight line of a user looking at images of a plurality of contents displayed o
8284843 Information encoding apparatus and method, information searching apparatus and method, informati October 9, 2012
An information searching system includes an encoding apparatus and a searching apparatus. The encoding apparatus inputs information to be stored, encodes the input information in layers, and then stores the resulting per-layer encoding information in a database. The searching apparat
8284834 Video-signal processing apparatus, video-signal processing method, and video-signal processing s October 9, 2012
A video-signal processing apparatus includes a video-signal input unit to which a video signal including multiple images arranged in a time sequential manner is input; a time-division output unit configured to output, in a time-division manner, the video signal constituting n images
8279979 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program October 2, 2012
Disclosed herein is a signal processing apparatus that processes a signal transmitted over a transmission path that causes stationary distortion to occur in a waveform representing a signal value of a specific symbol in accordance with a value of a symbol transmitted before the specific
8274570 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, hand shake blur area estimation device, han September 25, 2012
An image processing apparatus for correcting hand shake blur in a moving image includes a generation unit that generates, by setting an image among images constituting the moving image as a reference image and the remaining images as correction target images, a correction amount by w
8272006 Information signal processing apparatus, method of creating database, method of processing infor September 18, 2012
Disclosed is an information signal processing apparatus. The information signal processing apparatus includes an adjustment unit by which users each adjust an inputted information signal so that an output of the information signal has a predetermined quality, and a storage unit that
8267523 Image projecting system, method, computer program and recording medium September 18, 2012
A plurality of projector apparatuses project images based on inputted image signals onto a screen so that the images are displaced relative to one another by a predetermined amount and superimposed. The luminances of an image region composed of a plurality of projected images that have
8265374 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program and recording medium used there September 11, 2012
An image processing apparatus acquires and transforms first plane image data representing a space having a depth. The apparatus includes a vanishing point estimating unit for estimating a vanishing point of the first plane image data, an angle-of-view estimating unit for estimating a
8264600 Image processing apparatus for converting a lower resolution image into a higher resolution imag September 11, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes a converter converting an interlace image including a first number of pixels into a first progressive image, an interpolator interpolating the first progressive image to generate a second progressive image including a second number of pixels, a
8260003 Image-signal processor, image-signal processing method, and program for tracking a moving object September 4, 2012
An image-signal processing apparatus configured to track an object moving in an image includes a setting unit configured to set an eliminating area in an image constituting a moving image; a motion-vector detecting unit configured to detect an object in the image constituting a moving im
8255588 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, signal processing system, program and med August 28, 2012
A signal processing apparatus and method for processing an input signal. A first signal processing unit processes the input signal, and an expansion unit adds a second signal processing unit. A detecting unit detects whether the one or more additional second signal processing units h
8255462 Information processing system and information processing apparatus August 28, 2012
An information processing system and apparatus which have a plurality of actuators, a plurality of sensors, a signal processing unit, a control unit, and an integrating unit. Various types of signals are exchanged as necessary via a network. Actuators and sensors share processing through
8249305 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and recording medium August 21, 2012
An information processing apparatus includes a feature value detecting section, an image processing section, and an audio processing section. The feature value detecting section determines, when a first image and a second image that are captured at different positions include a specific
8248512 Image-capturing apparatus, image-capturing method, display apparatus, and display method August 21, 2012
The present invention provides full-parallax images having high spatial resolution in real time. An image-capturing optical unit (21) includes a plurality of prismatic mirrors (41) which rotate at a predetermined period. The side surface of each of the prismatic mirrors (41) reflects a
8244537 Audience state estimation system, audience state estimation method, and audience state estimatio August 14, 2012
Video signal relative to an imaged audience and audio signal according to voices from the audience are generated in an input unit. A characteristic amount detection unit detects information on a movement amount, movement periodicity, a volume, voice periodicity of the audience, and a fre
8242973 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, image projecting system, imag August 14, 2012
An image processing apparatus receives first and second input image signals and generates first and second projection image signals for projecting images from first and second projectors so as to be superimposed on a screen. A storage unit stores, for each projection position on the
8233645 Audio signal output apparatus, audio signal output method, program, and recording medium July 31, 2012
An audio signal output apparatus includes a driving unit and an output unit. The driving unit is configured to receive incident waves and generate a driving signal with the same phase as the incident waves. The output unit is configured to be driven by the driving signal and output w
8228995 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program July 24, 2012
An image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program are provided. The image processing apparatus of processing an image includes: means for acquiring a display format operable to acquire a display format which displays an image on means for displaying an image; means for
8218856 Information presentation system, information presentation apparatus, information presentation me July 10, 2012
Disclosed is an information presentation system that includes a plurality of information presentation apparatuses movable and displaying images of a plurality of objects, and a control apparatus outputting control signals for controlling the information presentation apparatuses. Each
8218637 Image processing apparatus and associated method July 10, 2012
An image data processing method includes selecting a motion compensating vector of a noticed region based on additional information added to student data. The image data processing method also includes classifying the noticed region into one of a plurality of classes based on the motion
8218093 Remote controller, image signal processing apparatus, and image signal processing method July 10, 2012
A remote controller includes a base unit having a transmission section configured to transmit a remote control signal, a plurality of function operation units connected to the base unit and configured to operate different functions, and a priority setting section configured to set pr
8218077 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program July 10, 2012
An image processing apparatus for processing first image data into second image data having a higher quality includes the following elements. A determination unit determines whether broadcast image data is up-converted image data generated by up-converting different image data by inc
8212707 Remote control system and remote control signal processing method July 3, 2012
A remote control system is provided. The remote control system includes at least one first remote control apparatus and at least one second remote control apparatus. The at least one first remote control apparatus includes a command input unit, a first control unit, and a first output
8208735 Image processing device, image processing method, learning device, learning method, and program June 26, 2012
An image processing device, to convert a first image data into a second image data having a higher image quality, includes: a predicted tap extracting unit to extract multiple pixels as a predicted tap for prediction computing; a level limit class tap extracting unit to extract multi
8191672 Storage system, storage panel, and storage wall June 5, 2012
A storage system is provided. The storage system includes a storage unit that stores items; and a panel-shaped display that displays an image of a storage state of the items stored in the storage unit. The storage unit is provided on the backside of the display.
8190184 Content reproduction system, content reproduction apparatus and content reproduction method May 29, 2012
In a content reproduction system including a plurality of content reproduction apparatuses, at least one of the plurality of content reproduction apparatuses may include a reproducing unit configured to reproduce content by reading out content data recorded in a recording medium, and
8189960 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program and recording medium May 29, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes: an imaging information calculation unit acquiring a first image and higher-resolution second images, and calculating coordinate positions of the second images to the first image and differences in imaging direction between second cameras and a
8181216 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and data processing system May 15, 2012
A data processing apparatus that appropriately adjusts the image quality of an image. At a plurality of user terminals, image data transmitted from a broadcasting station is processed based on parameters input by users, and user information including the image data and the parameters
8172680 Information processing system for capturing operations, transferring data and performing remote May 8, 2012
An information processing system includes an input section that inputs movement information of an object on which a user performed an operation in an operation environment, and an output section that holds another object in a remote site remote from the operation environment and repr
8170243 Audio output apparatus and vibrator May 1, 2012
An audio output apparatus is provided. The audio output apparatus includes: a vibration member, a vibrator, a vibrator positioning unit, and a vibrator-depth positioning unit. The vibration member vibrates to output a sound. The vibrator is in contact with the vibration member and de
8169510 Data processing device, data processing method, and storage medium May 1, 2012
The present invention relates to a data processing device, a data processing method, and a recording medium that enable a user to have a bodily sensation of collection of a material such as image data or the like, and editing. A processing section 31 generates first object image data
8169446 Reflection property control layer and display device May 1, 2012
A display device includes: a reflection property control layer which is disposed in the front face of a display screen, whereby reflection properties are switched for each predetermined region; and a control unit configured to switch the reflection properties of the reflection property
8164638 Communication system and method thereof April 24, 2012
The present invention makes it possible to process at high speed the foreground component image and the background component image of picked up images on a network platform. A client computer 27 outputs information specifying image data desired to separate to a separation server 11. The
8159572 Image pickup apparatus, apparatus and method for processing information, program, and program re April 17, 2012
An image pickup apparatus, an apparatus and a method for processing information, a program, and a program recording medium that can provide a user with an image optimum for the user are provided. A recording medium 4 records a large-size image and a playback parameter thereon. The la
8159527 Method of displaying pictures, program for displaying pictures, recording medium holding the pro April 17, 2012
At least one picture is shown on a plurality of displays according to the distance from a user to an object. Picture signals are classified based on depth values of pictures, a plurality of displays are chosen based on the classification, and the pictures are shown on the chosen displays
8152312 Apparatus and method that present projection image April 10, 2012
An apparatus that presents a projection image has a screen and plural projectors, each of which projects a section of the projection image onto the screen. The apparatus has a projected-section-determining unit that determines as a projected section the section of the projection image,
8144779 Apparatus and method for detecting motion vector, program, and recording medium March 27, 2012
A motion vector detecting apparatus includes a first generation unit that generates a first evaluation value table from an image signal of a first level, a second generation unit that generates a second evaluation value table from an image signal of a second level higher than the first l
8139152 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program March 20, 2012
An apparatus for processing an image includes a motion vector detector, a motion-blurring-mitigated image generator, and a spatial resolution creation unit. The motion vector detector is configured to detect a motion vector by using an image that is made up of multiple pixels and acq
8134613 Image processing apparatus and method, and image pickup apparatus March 13, 2012
The present invention particularly relates to an image processing apparatus in which motion blur contained in a blurred image can be eliminated. An area specifying unit 103 specifies a non-mixed area formed of a foreground area consisting of foreground object components which form a
8126179 Diaphragm and sound output apparatus February 28, 2012
A diaphragm for outputting sound by vibrating has a hole of a predetermined shape that allows another member to extend therethrough. A sound output apparatus includes a first member, the diaphragm, and a second member. The first member extends through the hole of the diaphragm, and t
8121429 Image processing apparatus, image-capturing apparatus, image processing method, and program February 21, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes an input unit configured to input a characteristic parameter indicating the characteristics of a filter process; a detection unit configured to detect, on the basis of the characteristic parameter input by the input unit, a phase shift amount be
8117345 Signal processing device and method, program, and signal processing system February 14, 2012
A signal processing device is a predetermined signal processing device among signal processing devices which perform signal processing on an input signal that is input to any one of the signal processing devices in such a manner that the signal processing devices share signal processing.
8116593 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for determining a zoom area for February 14, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes display means for displaying a zoom image resulting from enlargement of a certain area in an original image to a zoom area; important object determining means for determining whether the absolute value of the difference in pixel value between a
8111325 Image processing apparatus and method and program February 7, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes an interlace-progressive converter converting an interlace input image into a progressive intermediate image, a motion-vector detector detecting motion vectors of the input image by using a distance shorter than the pixel interval of the interme
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