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Kondo; Takaaki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6485864 Production process of material for lithium-ion secondary batteries, material obtained by the pro November 26, 2002
Boron-substituted graphite, which contains N-bonded boron atoms in a small proportion relative to whole substituted boron atoms, is produced by heating a feed fine particulate mixture of an infusibilized carbonaceous material and a boron compound such that the carbonaceous material is
6435113 Incineration apparatus and method which suppress generation of dioxins August 20, 2002
A method for decreasing the concentration of a chlorinated aromatic compound in the exhaust gas from a combustion furnace. The exhaust gas from the combustion furnace is passed through a bag filter. The concentration of the chlorinated aromatic compound in the exhaust gas is measured
6189461 Burning apparatus and method for restricting the occurrence of dioxins February 20, 2001
An incineration apparatus which can suppress the generation of dioxins, including a combustion furnace (11) for burning a combustible in combustion air within the furnace, chlorinated aromatic compound measuring device (12) for measuring an amount of a chlorinated aromatic compound g

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