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Kondo; Katsumi
Toyota, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE32258 Method of filling a casing with heat insulating fibers October 7, 1986
Method of filling a casing with heat insulating fibers in which a fibrous heat insulating mass of fixed size is inserted into a space to be filled by vacuum-packing the fibrous mass in a vacuum-resistant bag, which may then be wrapped about an inner cylinder, introducing the bag into an
4849037 Method for production of fiber reinforced plastic structure July 18, 1989
A method for the manufacture of a fiber reinforced plastic structure, comprising the steps of winding a continuous long-staple fiber impregnated with a liquid resin around a plurality of winding jigs until the resultant bundle of resin impregnated fibers attains a predetermined thickness
4749422 Process for preparing a fiber-reinforced plastic structure having branching points June 7, 1988
A process for preparing a fiber reinforced plastic structure having points of branching, which comprises the steps of, positioning pins at points of branching in the structure and repeatedly hanging and repeatedly stretching a resin-impregnated strand of continuous long-staple fibers
4741223 Steering wheel May 3, 1988
A steering wheel made of resin, wherein a reinforcement, as a core of the steering wheel, consists of reinforcing members corresponding to a ring part, a sub-ring part and spoke parts, which are formed of windings and by hardening of a strand of continuously long fiber impregnated with a
4681647 Method for joining a fiber-reinforced plastic structure July 21, 1987
A method for joining a fiber-reinforced plastic structure to a metallic insert for fitting around a rotary shaft is disclosed. The method comprises winding a resin-impregnated strand of continuous long-staple fibers around an engaging means formed on the metallic insert thereby effec
4420543 Bearing member of an internal combustion engine, having a flame sprayed surface December 13, 1983
In a bearing member of an internal combustion engine, having a flame sprayed surface, molybdenum or tungsten carbide is known as the material of the flame spray. The present invention aims to provide, for example a flame-sprayed piston ring with good heat-and-wear-resistance as well as a
4387140 Slide member June 7, 1983
The present invention relates to a slide member which has excellent wear, seizing, and scuffing resistances, and excellent adherence property, and which can be used even under high-temperature conditions, and which is suited for being applied to slide surfaces of piston rings, cylinder
4323257 Piston ring with a Cr-C-Fe inlaid ring in its outer surface, and a method of making it April 6, 1982
A piston ring preform is formed with a groove dividing its cylindrical outer surface, and this groove is filled up by plasma-spraying with a deposit of alloy whose surface is flush with the cylindrical outer surface of the preform not deposited with alloy. The alloy is about 55%-70% Cr,
4292074 Wear resistant alloy September 29, 1981
A wear resistant alloy having the composition of 30%-60% Ni, 6%-10% Si, 0.5%-3% B, 0.5%-2% C, 2%-8% carbide and boride forming element selected from Cr, Mo, and W, and 30%-60% Fe, wherein Si and B form silicides and borides, respectively, of Ni and Fe of the desirable density to provide
4175144 Method for surface treatment of electrode in distributor of internal combustion engine for suppr November 20, 1979
An electrode for a spark discharge in a distributor is surface treated by using a spray coating process so as to provide the electrode with a surface layer of an electrically high resistive material, e.g. CuO, which surface layer further includes a predetermined percentage of refractory
4113167 Exhaust system means for automobiles September 12, 1978
An exhaust system means for automobiles composed of a plurality of members joined together at joining portions by welding. The welded portion and a surrounding portion are covered with a protective metal layer formed by spraying a molten metal thereon.

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