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Kondo; Hakudai
Nagoya, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8290390 Image forming apparatus October 16, 2012
An image forming apparatus including an image forming unit; a pair of frames that faces each other with sandwiching the image forming unit therebetween, at least one of the pair of frames including: a first frame, which is made of resin, and which forms a lower part thereof; and a se
8265518 Image forming apparatus with framing structure September 11, 2012
An image forming apparatus includes: an image forming unit; a sheet feeding unit; an upper frame; a sheet feeding frame; and a lower frame. The upper frame includes: a pair of sheet-metal components, each of which is punched out in a right-left direction; and a first contact part facing
8233819 Image-forming device having detachable process cartridge July 31, 2012
An image forming device capable of attaching and detaching a process cartridge to and from a frame without mechanical interference of the process cartridge with sheet feed unit and an LED array and without any movement of the LED array. 1. The image forming device includes the proces
8200145 Image forming apparatus June 12, 2012
An image forming apparatus is provided. The image forming apparatus includes a housing; a sheet discharging tray; a discharge unit, provided within the housing, the discharge unit configured to discharge a sheet into the sheet discharging tray; a pressing member, provided at a positi
8041252 Image forming apparatus October 18, 2011
An image forming apparatus and printer are provided. The image forming apparatus includes a plurality of side frames opposed to each other; an intermediate frame provided between the plurality of side frames; a plurality of first screws for connecting the side frames and the intermed
8000625 Image forming apparatus August 16, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes a body frame defining an opening configured to receive a cartridge installed in an installation direction, and a power supply terminal disposed on the body frame. The power supply terminal can be configured to supply power to an installed cartridge by
7874752 Printer January 25, 2011
It is intended to provide a printer which can prevent dust from entering and adhering to a printing medium, thereby avoiding entry of the dust to or near a print head, and can improve print quality. A first cover covers a first paper projection port through which paper as the printing me
7193389 Electronic apparatus March 20, 2007
An electronic apparatus includes a housing part in which a battery is housed and a body-side connector for connecting the battery housed in the housing part to an apparatus body. When a battery-side connector connected to the battery through a connecting cable is connected to the bod
7021845 Tape printing device April 4, 2006
A tape printing device is provided with a device body. A cassette holding section is formed on one end side portion in the longitudinal direction of the body. A battery holding section is formed on the other end side portion of the device body. A plurality of batteries are accommodated i
6170946 Image forming device January 9, 2001
An image forming device provided with a main cover 6 that is capable of freely opening and closing and that covers an internally provided recording medium feed mechanism and the area scanned by the recording head during recording operations; and a maintenance cover 7 that is provided
6109803 Information recording method and printer August 29, 2000
A printer is provided with: a heating device for heating a solid ink to dissolve the solid ink into a liquefied ink while an alternative current is supplied thereto; a recording device, on which the heating device is provided, for recording record information onto a record sheet by use o
6102519 Recording head position detecting device August 15, 2000
In the position detection device, a timing fence is formed with a plurality of slits which are arranged in its elongated direction. An elongated metal member is provided for supporting the timing fence so that the timing fences will extend in the scanning direction of the image recording
6010214 Ink cartridge, ink supplying apparatus and printer January 4, 2000
An ink cartridge retains a plurality of solid inks, each of which is to be heated and dissolved so that the dissolved ink is used for recording record information. The ink cartridge is provided with: a cartridge main body in which the solid inks are aligned and retained; and a plurality
5938354 Image forming apparatus August 17, 1999
Disclosed is an image forming apparatus for forming an image on roll paper. The image forming apparatus is provided with a printing head to form an image in accordance with an image data, a sheet feed mechanism to feed the roll paper, and a cutter which cuts out the printed portion of th
5764372 Facsimile machine with a mechanism capable of transmitting power from a single motor to various June 9, 1998
A facsimile machine including a motor capable of being driven to selectively produce forward power and reverse power; a first operation portion for performing a first operation of the facsimile machine; a second operation portion for performing a second operation of the facsimile mac
5021877 Optical image reading apparatus capable of reading multi-colored original June 4, 1991
An optical image reading apparatus for photoelectrically reading images formed in at least two colors on a surface of an original having a base color different from the at least two colors, including a first reading device for obtaining a first image signal for each of a multiplicity of

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