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Kohno; Takefumi
Yokohama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6056912 Process for producing carbon-fiber-reinforced composite material May 2, 2000
A carbon-fiber-reinforced composite material is simply produced by molding a resin composition comprising carbon fibers and a matrix resin directly on a base material through injection molding or compression molding without resort to any primer.
5935359 Process for producing carbonaceous preform August 10, 1999
A carbonaceous preform, which is free from such drawbacks as delamination and is superior in formability and mass productivity, can be obtained by a process comprising the steps of fixing a laminate of stacked carbon fibers with a fixing jig in the absence of a binder, impregnating the t
5803210 Disk brakes September 8, 1998
A disk pad type brake comprises a rotor disk provided with a carbon-carbon composite material (a) as a friction member, and at least one pad provided with a carbon-carbon composite material (b) as a friction member, wherein the difference in thermal conductivity between the materials (a)
5587203 Method for preparing a carbon/carbon composite material December 24, 1996
A method for preparing a carbon/carbon composite material which is characterized in that a carbon preform is impregnated with a carbonaceous pitch exhibiting a densification parameter of 0.1 or more, said densification parameter being represented by the following formula (1), and the
5523035 Process for producing carbonaceous material June 4, 1996
A process for producing a carbon/carbon composite having a ceramic and carbon coating on its surface consists essentially of the steps of heating a carbon/carbon composite at a temperature of from to 1, C., contacting the thus heated composite in the presence of
5399378 Process of manufacturing carbon fibers with high chemical stability March 21, 1995
A process of manufacturing carbon fibers of high chemical stability comprises reacting feed carbon fibers having an elastic modulus of 30.times.10.sup.3 kgf/mm.sup.2 with a compound of elements capable of forming a carbide ceramics on the carbon fibers peripherally alone or both peri
5093156 Process for preparing carbon material March 3, 1992
A carbon material having oxidation resistance is prepared by forming a fi coating constituted mainly by carbon on the surface of a carbon/carbon composite by chemical vapor deposition, then forming on said first coating a second coating of a ceramic or both a ceramic and carbon by chemi

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