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Kobayashi; Hiroshi
Yokohama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D523884 Binoculars June 27, 2006
D482711 Binoculars November 25, 2003
D425533 Digital still camera May 23, 2000
D425091 Digital still camera May 16, 2000
D419580 Camera January 25, 2000
D388809 Camera January 6, 1998
D388607 Camera case January 6, 1998
D353610 Camera December 20, 1994
7807738 Compound for color-producing composition, and recording material October 5, 2010
A urea-urethane compound having one or more urea groups and one or more urethane groups in the molecular structure, the number of said urea groups (A) and the number of said urethane groups (B) satisfying the following numerical formula: 10.gtoreq.(A+B).gtoreq.3 wherein each of A and
7635662 Compound for color-producing composition, and recording material December 22, 2009
A urea-urethane compound having one or more urea groups and one or more urethane groups in the molecular structure, the number of said urea groups (A) and the number of said urethane groups (B) satisfying the following numerical formula: 10.gtoreq.(A+B).gtoreq.3 wherein each of A and
7384670 Coating method and atomizer June 10, 2008
A rotary atomizer (1) has a rotary atomizing head (4) driven by an air motor (2) at a rotational speed of 4,000.about.5,000 rpm, for example. A coating material is supplied to a central portion of the rotary atomizing head (4) through a paint supply pipe (5). The atomizer (1) further
6829643 Network control apparatus having bandwidth control method selection associated to users utilizin December 7, 2004
In a network control apparatus which can dynamically control a bandwidth corresponding to a traffic status of a user flexibly, when a whole traffic quantity of a packet passing through the network exceeds a threshold value, per-user-information is analyzed based on a database holding pac
5835846 Mobile satellite communication system November 10, 1998
A transmission power control method in a mobile satellite communication system implementing accurate control of transmission power of a base station by obtaining an average received signal level at a mobile station at high accuracy. The mobile station measures an average received signal
5708523 Counterelectrode for smart window and smart window January 13, 1998
A counterelectrode for a smart window contains a transparent electrically conductive substrate and a plurality of electrically conductive dots arrayed on the transparent electrically conductive substrate. Each of the electrically conductive dots contains fine particles having capacitance
5194490 Preparation process of polymeric solid electrolyte March 16, 1993
The invention provides a process for readily preparing polymeric solid electrolyte, i.e., ion conductive polymer having excellent properties.The process of the invention comprises steps of subjecting at least one of the following component A and component B to contain an alkali metal salt
5179861 Diaphragm type pressure sensor January 19, 1993
A diaphragm type pressure sensor comprises a transducer main body and a protective cover. The main body has a diaphragm portion, a support portion supporting the periphery of the diaphragm portion, and a trunk portion having a shoulder surface which surrounds the support portion and whic
5097708 Ultrasonic rotational speed sensor March 24, 1992
An ultrasonic rotational speed sensor in which all of the various electronic devices of the sensor are arranged compactly on one side of a rotational member to be measured, while maintaining a high precision in a rotational speed measurement. In this sensor, the transmitter microphone
5090241 Flow rate sensor February 25, 1992
A flow rate sensor is provided. This sensor includes flow rate detecting elements and a plurality of separate circular support members. The circular support members are arranged concentrically within a passage each having a different diameter and support the flow rate detecting elements
5054003 Ultrasonic ground speedometer utilizing doppler effect October 1, 1991
An ultrasonic ground speedometer utilizing Doppler effect comprises an ultrasonic transmitter for outputting an ultrasonic wave having a particular wavelength at a predetermined angle against a road surface, an ultrasonic receiver for receiving a reflected ultrasonic wave caused by r
5051486 Preparation of polymers useful as polymeric solid electrolytes and compatibilizers September 24, 1991
A macromer of the general formula (3) is prepared by a reaction between a silane compound of the general formula (1) and a polyethylene glycol monoalkyl ether of the general formula (2). ##STR1##R.sub.3 : C.sub.1 -C.sub.10 alkyl;R.sub.4 : C.sub.1 -C.sub.10 alkyl;l: integer of from 1 to 1
5045619 N-alkenylcarbamate macromer September 3, 1991
A novel N-alkenylcarbamate macromer is disclosed. The macromer can be prepared by reacting an alkenyl isocyanate with a polyalkylene glycol monoalkyl ether. When polymerized or copolymerized with other monomers, the macromer produces comb-shaped polymers useful as compatibilizing age
4978473 Polymeric solid electrolyte December 18, 1990
The present invention relates to a polymeric solid electrolyte which comprises a network molecule formed by polymerizing a polyethylene glycol with acrylic or methacrylic groups at both ends, and containing therein (a) a specific acrylate-type copolymer, (b) a low molecular polyethylene
4970012 Polymeric solid electrolytes and production process thereof November 13, 1990
Polymeric solid electrolytes are formed by the present invention, namely, by incorporating a low molecular weight polyethylene glycol, a high molecular weight polyethylene oxide and an alkali metal or ammonium salt in a specific cinnamate ester compound, followed by a polymerization and
4952667 Novel copolymers and electroactive polymers derived from same August 28, 1990
Provided is a copolymer having a repeating unit represented by the general formula ##STR1## wherein Ar represents ##STR2## wherein R.sup.1 represents hydrogen or a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, R.sup.2 represents hydrogen, a hydrocarbon group having 1 to
4844719 Permeable polymer membrane for dessication of gas July 4, 1989
A permeable polymer membrane, formed of a fluorine type copolymer containing a repeating unit represented by the general formula: ##STR1## wherein m is 0 or 1 and n is an integer of the value of 2 to 5 and satisfying the relation between the water absorption ratio, W, and the ion
4796726 Ultrasonic rangefinder January 10, 1989
An ultrasonic rangefinder capable of detecting a distance between a vehicle and an object with high accuracy is shown. The measure of microphones for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves is chosen so that detour waves are restricted.
4788489 Position sensor for use in variable height automotive suspension or the like November 29, 1988
In order to ensure a reliable body earth and insulate a capacitance type position sensor from external noise, an electrically conductive tube is insulatingly mounted within an electrically conductive housing. The capacitance developed between the tube and a piston rod which is recipr
4739860 Ultrasonic rangefinder April 26, 1988
An ultrasonic rangefinder capable of detecting a distance between a vehicle and an object with high accuracy is shown. The measurements for microphones for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves are chosen so that detour waves are restricted.
4690994 High molecular weight fluoroelastomer September 1, 1987
A high molecular weight fluoroelastomer is provided comprising 65 to 100 wt % of vinylidene fluoride units and hexafluoropropylene units and 35 to 0 wt % of tetrafluoroethylene units exhibiting low compression set and high elongation properties and showing good processability.
4677599 Ultra-sonic distance measuring apparatus and method June 30, 1987
An ultra-sonic sensor includes a driver circuit outputting a high-frequency driver signal which orders a transmitter to transmit ultra-sonic waves toward a target object. The driver circuit also sends the driver signal to a receiver. The driver signal is superimposed on a receiver signal
4677595 Ultrasonic vehicle rangefinder June 30, 1987
An ultrasonic vehicle rangefinder having a detecting system for discriminating whether trouble is in transmission or reception side is shown. The discrimination is established by detection of an attenuation vibration at a transmission microphone.
4646070 Oil deterioration detector method and apparatus February 24, 1987
The degree of deterioration of lubricating oil used in an internal combustion engine is detected by measuring the lubricating oil dielectric constant with a pair of spaced sensor capacitor electrodes in the lubricating oil. The sensor capacitor is connected to a fixed capacitor to fo
4611287 Fuel volume measuring system for automotive vehicle September 9, 1986
A fuel volume measuring system for an automotive vehicle in which fuel volume detection signals are simply averaged during a relatively-short averaging time period at regular measuring cycles when the vehicle is being refueled, and further weight-averaged or moving-averaged at regular
4562734 System for measuring quantity of liquid contained in tank January 7, 1986
There are provided at least two liquid level detectors in a liquid tank, such as an automobile fuel tank. The detectors are connected so as to obtain the sum of the output signals of the detectors. The positions of the detectors in the tank are determined on the basis of a predetermined
4531407 Fuel gauge for an automotive vehicle July 30, 1985
A fuel gauge includes a stationary capacitor located within a fuel tank in such a manner as to be partially immersed in the fuel so that the capacitance of the capacitor varies with the level of fuel. A measuring device determines the capacitance of the capacitor to measure the level of
4519012 Liquid quantity sensor of capacitor type and method of producing same May 21, 1985
A liquid quantity sensor has at least one pair of electrode plates which are vertically disposed in a vessel, e.g. an automotive fuel tank, in a spaced and parallel arrangement so as to form a capacitor. To enhance accuracy and uniformity of the distance between the two electrode plates,
4512067 Method of making liquid container having electrode plates to detect liquid level by measuring ca April 23, 1985
Liquid level measuring capacitors, each having two vertically disposed generally polygonal plates, are made by preparing a provisional assembly including a first electrode plate having plural holes and a baffleplate shape. A second electrode plate opposite to the first electrode has plur
4497204 Liquid gauge February 5, 1985
In a capacitance type liquid level measurement gauge having an oscillation circuit including a frequency generator, a capacitance and a resistance which is connected in series with the capacitance, the capacitance including a pair of electrode plates submergible in a liquid to be mea
4479116 Capacitive type fuel level and impurity indicator October 23, 1984
A pump located within the fuel tank discharges fuel into a chamber containing a plurality of reference electrodes which determine the dielectric constant of the fuel. The output of a set of measuring electrodes is calibrated using the dielectric constant determined using the referenc
4470300 Apparatus for and method of determining a capacitance September 11, 1984
An apparatus for determining a capacitance includes a capacitor, an oscillator, and a detector. The capacitor is partially immersed in liquid containing gasoline and alcohol in such a manner that the liquid may enter the capacitor, whereby the capacitance of the capacitor varies with the
4470296 Fuel gauge for an automotive vehicle September 11, 1984
A fuel gauge is so designed that a fuel level signal having a signal value responsive to the fuel amount in a fuel tank is averaged over time intervals which vary according to whether the liquid level of the fuel in the tank is stable or unstable and a fuel quantity is calculated and
4457166 Engine intake air flow measuring apparatus July 3, 1984
Under certain engine operating conditions in which fluctuation of the intake air flow into the engine is relatively intense, an appropriate number of Karman vortex pulses are subtracted from the number of the measured Karman vortex pulses. The remaining number of Karman vortex pulses
4450501 Liquid quantity sensor of capacitor type May 22, 1984
A liquid quantity sensor of the capacitor type having at least one pair of electrode plates which are disposed in a liquid container, e.g. an automobile fuel tank, in a spaced and parallel arrangement so as to form a capacitor. Concerning the capacitor electrode plates of an angled shape
4376293 Magnetic disk recording and/or reproducing device March 8, 1983
A magnetic disk recording and/or reproducing device in which immediately before a flexible magnetic disk is located in the operative position; that is, the disk is mounted on a spindle, a spindle driving circuit is automatically energized so as to spin the spindle and after a predete
4326422 Probe unit of a fluid flow rate measuring apparatus April 27, 1982
Two metal rods about which a hot wire is wound are projected into a slot of a vortex generating body in which slot alternating fluid flow caused by shedding of vortexes occurs. One end of the hot wire is connected to one of the metal rods and the other end of the hot wire is connected to

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