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Klein; Hans-Christof
Hattersheim, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5472264 Brake unit for automotive vehicles with electric drive December 5, 1995
A brake unit for automotive vehicles with electric drive is configured in the shape of a multiple-circuit compound system consisting of hydraulic friction brakes of brake circuits (I, I', I", III, III', III") and of an electroregenerative brake system (circuit II, II', II"). In a vehicle
5330268 Apparatus for determining the condition of a pressure transmitting fluid July 19, 1994
An apparatus for determining the boiling temperature of a brake fluid to in turn determine the water content therein includes an electrically heatable sensor element (13) immersed into the fluid under test, a power source (12) supplying a current of a constant amplitude, and a measuring
5143185 Controllable hydraulic vibration damper for automotive vehicles September 1, 1992
A controllable hydraulic vibration damper for automotive vehicles comprising a working cylinder which contains damping fluid and which is subdivided into two working chambers by a damping piston with a piston rod, the damper comprising at least one channel disposed outside of the wor
5111659 Device for adapting the characteristic curve of a hydraulic accumulator to the characteristic cu May 12, 1992
In order to avoid energy losses, particularly in the case of actuating operations characterized by energetic cycles, it is suggested to insert a double-lever cam-and-roller transmission mechanism between a hydraulic accumulator and a hydraulic pressure consumer which mechanism has the
5107969 Controllable vibration damper April 28, 1992
A controllable vibration damper for automotive vehicles is disclosed having a damping piston which is axially slidably and sealedly guided in a damping tube, and which subdivides the damping tube filled with a damping medium into two working chambers. The connection between the two worki
5090262 Lever-type transmission gear February 25, 1992
The disclosed lever-type gear works on a variable transmission ratio, with the degree of transmission being respectively dependent on the position of the levers and the position of the roller element between the levers. According to a preferred arrangement, the gear can be so designed as
4923256 Hydraulic booster May 8, 1990
A resettable booster is disclosed including a booster chamber in communication with a resetting chamber through a closable connection. For pressure relief of the master brake cylinder, valves are switched so that the booster piston is pressure-balanced and the master brake cylinder f
4905507 Multiple-function motion sensor for automotive vehicle slip and attitude control March 6, 1990
A sensor for automotive vehicles with electronic control of the driving and braking behavior and/or of vibration damping in dependence on the rotational wheel speed and on the vertical acceleration of the vehicle, the sensor designed as a dual-function or multiple-function sensor by
4898433 Brake pressure modulator for a brake skid-controlled brake system for automotive vehicles February 6, 1990
A brake pressure modulator for a brake skid-controlled brake system for automotive vehicles is disclosed including a volume take-up device including a plunger disposed in a cylindrical chamber and preloaded by a spring into the cylindrical chamber. The plunger is closely guided out of
4869596 Thermally checking the state or the condition of a hydraulic fluid September 26, 1989
A method and device are disclosed for determining and checking a state or condition of a hydraulic fluid contained in a brake system, including a state of hydration and/or age such that the fluid boiling point is reduced. The boiling point or a characteristic value of the fluid which
4869559 Brake-slip-controlled automotive vehicle brake system September 26, 1989
In a brake-slip-controlled automotive vehicle brake system, a pedal-operated master cylinder is provided which applies hydraulic fluid to the wheel brake circuits via at least one braking pressure modulator and via one electromagnetically operated closing valve at a time. The pressur
4858516 Brake cylinder-piston slave unit seal having radial roll-back protrusion for piston spring back August 22, 1989
In a piston-cylinder assembly for hydraulic brake systems of automotive vehicles, the piston is at least partially composed of ceramics. A hydraulic seal is interposed between the piston and the cylinder. To simplify the assembly while allowing comparatively great tolerances, the sea
4838376 Power steering device for parking June 13, 1989
A power steering device for parking for automotive vehicles has a left-turn switch (11) and a right-turn switch (12) which are associated with the steering column (13) which, in case of the steering wheel's (14) not being operated, adopt a first position and which, in case of a left or a
4828331 Brake system for automotive vehicles May 9, 1989
This brake system contains a braking pressure generator aggregate which influences the rear axle braking pressure so as to control the braking force distribution between front and rear axles in dependence on the static and dynamic axle load distribution and on other parameters result
4822114 Braking pressure modulator April 18, 1989
A braking pressure modulator is disclosed including a gear unit which is interposed between its actuator and a volume-receiving unit and whose transmission varies in dependence upon the stroke of a displacement member or plunger in the volume-receiving unit. To this end, the gear unit is
4819996 Automotive vehicle braking device April 11, 1989
An automotive vehicle braking device comprises a hydraulic master cylinder (11) having at least one piston (21) for pressurization of the wheel cylinders connected thereto with hydraulic pressure and also having a vacuum brake force booster (12) inserted between the brake pedal (52) and
4807940 Vehicular hydraulic brake system for an automotive vehicle with hydraulic level adjustment at on February 28, 1989
A hydraulic brake system for automotive vehicles with an anti-skid device is combined with a hydraulic level adjustment system by simultaneously utilizing the brake line leading to the rear axle for level adjustment. The brake line leading to the rear axle is utilized for the transmissio
4787685 Slip-controlled brake device for automotive vehicles including vacuum power generator assembly u November 29, 1988
A brake power-controlled brake device for automotive vehicles is provided with a hydraulic master cylinder (11) which is, via a pneumatically actuated pressure modulator (12), connected to at least one wheel cylinder brake circuit I. The pressure modulator (12) comprises a vacuum power
4769989 Device for controlling the pressure in the auxiliary-pressure supply system of a brake unit September 13, 1988
A device for controlling the pressure in an auxiliary-pressure supply system of a hydraulic brake unit for automotive vehicles, which device comprises a diaphragm-type or bladder-type accumulator equipped with a hydraulic and electric switching arrangement by way of which the hydraulic
4750790 Anti-lock hydraulic brake system for vehicles with bypass line and relieving device June 14, 1988
An anti-lock hydraulic brake system for vehicles incorporating a master cylinder (21) and wheel brakes, (30, 31) connected to the master cylinder (21) through connecting lines (32, 34), as well as an anti-lock apparatus having sensors for the associated wheel brakes (30, 31) by which, in
4708401 Brake system for the control of brake force distribution and slip November 24, 1987
A brake system for automotive vehicles is equipped with devices for the electric control of the brake force distribution and/or for the control of slip. The front wheels are connected to a pedal-actuated braking-pressure generator (1). In contrast thereto, the rear wheels (HR, HL) are ac
4676558 Brake system for automotive vehicles June 30, 1987
A brake system for automotive vehicles comprises a dual-circuit hydraulic braking pressure generator (3) which is substantially composed of a power brake booster (4) and a master cylinder (5). Each one front wheel (VR or VL) is connected to the two brake circuits (1, 2) directly, while a
4659153 Slip-controlled brake system April 21, 1987
A slip-controlled brake system, wherein the brake pedal effort is transmitted power-assisted to a master cylinder (10) to the wheel cylinders through several hydraulic fluid paths which allow shut off independently of one another. The behavior of rotation of the wheels and the vehicl
4641519 Device for the determination of rotational speed February 10, 1987
A device for determining the rotational speed of a rotating component, in particular of a brake disc (1) of an automotive vehicle brake, the brake disc (1) containing recesses (2) shaped at preferably regular distances and lying opposite to a probe. A contact element (5) is provided as t
4566805 Device for determining and checking condition state and other parameters of a pressure fluid January 28, 1986
A device for determining or checking the condition, state, or other parameters of a pressure fluid contained in a hydraulic system substantially comprises a body which may be screwed into the wall of a chamber or of a line of the hydraulic system, which at its front face having conta
4327414 Vehicle brake system April 27, 1982
The vehicle brake system includes electronic control logic and an electrically controllable pressure modulator for the brake actuating device of each wheel responsive to the output of the control logic. A brake-signal transmitter transmits to the control logic the value of the desire

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