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Kirjavainen; Kari
Tampere, FI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7407132 Method of steering aircraft by moving the stagnation point and aircraft using the method August 5, 2008
An aircraft which includes elements providing air circulation and directing the circulation along a housing. Different operational stages of the aircraft such as take off and level flight are achieved by using the same functionally inter-connected elements. The circulation is achieve
7376239 Electromechanical transducer and method for transforming energies May 20, 2008
An electromechanical transducer comprising at least one transducer element which has a multilayer structure comprising at least two layers such that the transducer element is capable of changing its thickness. The transducer element allows air to flow inside the transducer element in
7124970 Method and apparatus for processing various materials October 24, 2006
The invention relates to a method and a an apparatus for processing various materials, the apparatus including at least two annular feed gaps placed one within the other. The beginning of each feed gap is provided with a grinding section (5), which is followed in the apparatus by a m
7090797 Extrusion method and extrusion device August 15, 2006
An extrusion method and an extrusion device, whereby at least two different flows of material are supplied from the extrusion device to a nozzle. The nozzle comprises at least two nozzle chambers such that the material flowing through the first nozzle chamber forms an outer part of a
7056456 Extrusion method and extruder June 6, 2006
In an extrusion method and an extruder, an annular material flow is created by extruding material into an annular extrusion channel (6). The extruder has a tubular filtering unit (7) arranged to the annular extrusion channel (6), whereby the annular material flow flows through the tu
6837457 Aircraft rotor and aircraft January 4, 2005
An aircraft rotor and an aircraft which aircraft has a body and a rotor arranged to it, the rotor having at least two blades. The rotor is arranged to rotate around a substantially vertical axis. The blades are arranged in such a manner that, when rotating, they form a conical surfac
6805544 Extruder October 19, 2004
An extruder includes a material feeding device feeding into a radial pump unit. The radial pump unit includes conical screws which are adjacently positioned and rotate in the same direction. The radial pump unit transfers an annular flow of the material into the extruder's nozzle. Ad
6793854 Method and apparatus for making plastic film, and plastic film September 21, 2004
A method and an apparatus for making a plastic film, and to a plastic film wherein the method includes extruding a film from plastic material by an extruder and orientating the film after extrusion. Material is mixed into the plastic so that when the plastic film is stretched, cavitation
6767501 Method and apparatus for making plastic film, and plastic film July 27, 2004
A film is extruded from plastic material by an extruder. The film is orientated after extrusion. Material is mixed into the plastic so that when the plastic film is stretched, cavitation bubbles are formed in the material particles mixed into the plastic. During the orientation, gas is
6759769 Electromechanic film and acoustic element July 6, 2004
An electromechanic film intended for transforming electric energy into mechanical energy and transforming mechanical energy into electric energy. The film (1) is dielectric and formed of cells (3), the ratio of the height and width of which cells is between 3:1 and 1:3. By joining two
6722778 Extruder with groove rotor and stator April 20, 2004
A method and an apparatus for extruding material, the material being extruded with an apparatus comprising at least one rotatable rotor and at least one stator, the rotor and the stator comprising grooves, whereby the grooves make the material move through the apparatus when the rotor is
6585923 Extrusion method and extruder July 1, 2003
An extrusion method and an extruder, the material to be extruded being fed with a material feeding device (1) into a radial pump unit included in the equipment. The radial pump unit comprises conical gearwheels (2) which are adjacently positioned and rotate in opposite directions. The ra
6511017 Method of steering aircraft, and aircraft January 28, 2003
A method of steering an aircraft, and an aircraft comprising a supporting structure, at least one utility space, at least two propellers whose axles are arranged horizontally, and a driving mechanism to rotate each propeller. The blade angles of at least one propeller of the aircraft are

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