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Khalifa; Aly
Raleigh, NC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D665166 Tackle box August 14, 2012
D620246 Adjusting fastener for a chest strap of a backpack July 27, 2010
D574185 Tea infuser August 5, 2008
D568788 Woven tape adjusting fastener May 13, 2008
D568787 Woven tape adjusting fastener May 13, 2008
D568786 Buckle May 13, 2008
D568784 Buckle May 13, 2008
D568783 Woven tape adjusting fastener May 13, 2008
D568782 Woven tape adjusting fastener May 13, 2008
D550953 Protective cover for a digital personal stereo September 18, 2007
D542028 Protective cover for a digital personal stereo May 8, 2007
D537675 Sipper cap March 6, 2007
D517308 Bladder with a tethered top and hose March 21, 2006
D510270 Bottle with tethered top October 4, 2005
D437415 Vision screener February 6, 2001
D399237 Eyewear October 6, 1998
D399236 Eyewear October 6, 1998
D398626 Eyewear September 22, 1998
8020318 Quick-Assembly Footwear September 20, 2011
Melded footwear and process for manufacture of footwear. This enhanced shoe can be formed and assembled with a limited number of steps and without the need for much stitching. The shoe has a durable polyurethane shell, which is an integrated upper and outsole. The shoe contains a tex
7464447 Shortened buckle system December 16, 2008
A buckle assembly having a male buckle member and a female buckle member. The male buckle member contains an engaging means for engagement with the female portion and a male strap receiving means for coupling to a first strap. The female buckle member contains a receiving volume for enga
7395584 Hermaphroditic connector July 8, 2008
A connection system for securing two articles to each other having two connectors, each of connectors includes a base plate with a center point and identical inter-engaging sections with at least one male component and at least one female component. Also provided is a connection region
6145141 Portable mosquito net apparatus and method of securing to a bed November 14, 2000
A portable mosquito net apparatus is formed of a frame, adapted to be sandwiched between a bed mattress and a mattress support surface, typically a mattress spring, and is held in place by the weight of the mattress. The frame mounts a mosquito net support to which a mosquito net is

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