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Khalid; Syed J.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6272422 Method and apparatus for use in control of clearances in a gas turbine engine August 7, 2001
A method and an apparatus for determining the clearance between the rotor blades of a rotor assembly and a shroud disposed radially outside of the rotor assembly is provided that calculates steady-state operating conditions for a given power engine setting and utilizes those steady-s
6231306 Control system for preventing compressor stall May 15, 2001
A control system for preventing a compressor stall in a gas turbine engine includes means for sensing an aerodynamic signal indicative of an impending stall condition. The weak stages of the compressor amplify an upstream disturbance originating in the low pressure compressor or fan,
6164902 Controlling stall margin in a gas turbine engine during acceleration December 26, 2000
A control system for controlling the compressor stall margin during acceleration in a gas turbine engine includes means for sensing signals indicative of the gas flow temperature and gas pressure. The control system further includes signal processing means, responsive to the sensed s
6155038 Method and apparatus for use in control and compensation of clearances in a gas turbine December 5, 2000
A method and an apparatus for use with a gas turbine engine receive a signal indicative of an engine operating condition, generate signals representative of thermal conditions of a rotor, blades, and a case, and in response to each of the signals above, determine a signal indicative of
5623823 Variable cycle engine with enhanced stability April 29, 1997
A variable cycle gas turbine engine (10) includes a core unit (30) having a guide vane array (36), and a hybrid stage (38) with a rotor blade array (40) and a stator vane array (42). The engine is operable in at least two modes which channel different quantities of working medium air to
5520508 Compressor endwall treatment May 28, 1996
The compressor section of an insert gas turbine engine contains a insert installed around the compressor blades that includes cells in a honeycomb configuration. Each cell is inclined at a compound angle to the blade tip to energize the tip air flow as the tip passes over the cell as the
5375412 Rotating stall recovery December 27, 1994
In an aircraft gas turbine engine, stator vane deflection and compressor bleed are controlled to alter the compressor airflow vs. compressor pressure relationship map when stall conditions are detected based on compressor speed and compressor temperature, a change that means that less
5269136 Sub-idle stability enhancement and rotating stall recovery December 14, 1993
In an aircraft gas turbine engine having a variable area exhaust, gas turbine compressor operating conditions are sensed to determine a sub-idle condition or a rotating stall. The exhaust area is increased to a maximum when a sub-idle condition is present. If a condition associated with
5165845 Controlling stall margin in a gas turbine engine during acceleration November 24, 1992
Stall margin in a gas turbine compressor is controlled during acceleration by synthesizing the thermal enlargement of critical compressor stages to synthesize the temporary increase in blade-case clearance during acceleration. The change in clearance is used to produce an augmenting
5165844 On-line stall margin adjustment in a gas turbine engine November 24, 1992
The deflection angle of a gas turbine stator is adjusted in proportion to the difference between two parameters computed from N.sub.2 and TT2 using the same function generator. One parameter is a reference adjustment under standard conditions for measured N.sub.2 adjusted to sea level an
5059093 Compressor bleed port October 22, 1991
Rectangular bleed ports (24) are circumferentially arranged. Each port has an average radius (r) greater than 30 percent of the port width (W) throughout the reactant surface of the upstream facing edge (30), thereby avoiding flow separation from the surface. A tangent point (36) at the
4947643 Active geometry control system for gas turbine engines August 14, 1990
An active control system for use in gas turbine engines synchronizes exhaust nozzle area and burner fuel flow together with pas path variable engine parameters, such as fan variable vane and high compressor variable vane positions. As a result, extremely fast thrust transients are possib

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