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Kawasaki; Toshio
Kawasaki, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8121179 Wireless relay device and wireless relay method February 21, 2012
A device and a process which enable use of transmission diversity in transmission to a receiving station when wirelessly relaying wireless signals from a transmitting station to the receiving station. A reception antenna RA in a wireless relay device (RS) receives from the transmitting
7873096 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus, wave-number-division multiplexing transce January 18, 2011
A frequency-division multiplexing transmission apparatus for transmitting data in a frequency spectrum specific to both symbol and mobile station, is disclosed. The apparatus encodes transmission data, modulates the encoded data, compresses the time domains of each symbol of the modulate
7852956 Communications system, transmitter, receiver, and communications method thereof December 14, 2010
Sample signals P0(0) to P0(N-1) are input for each symbol of a multiplexed transmission sample or transmission chip. The sum of a particular pair of sample signals (for example, a pair of P0(0) and P0(N/2)) is obtained by an adder for each pair of sample signals, and a signal the power o
7684463 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus, wave-number-division multiplexing transce March 23, 2010
A frequency-division multiplexing transmission apparatus for transmitting data in a frequency spectrum specific to both symbol and mobile station, is disclosed. The apparatus encodes transmission data, modulates the encoded data, compresses the time domains of each symbol of the modulate
7630454 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method December 8, 2009
In a frequency-division multiplexing transmission apparatus for transmitting data in a frequency spectrum specific to a mobile station, a chip-dividing unit divides each symbol of a transmission-symbol sequence into chips; a first phase rotation unit performs .pi./2 phase rotation fo
7599428 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method October 6, 2009
A frequency-division multiplexing transmission apparatus that transmits data at a frequency spectrum specific to a mobile station in which a .pi./4-continuous-phase-rotation unit performs phase rotation that increases in increments of .pi./4 or decreases in decrements of -.pi./4 for
7545321 Array antenna calibration apparatus and method June 9, 2009
The apparatus comprises a calibration signal supply means, which supplies calibration signals to a plurality of antenna elements that are to be subjected to calibration; a calibration signal extracting means, which extracts the calibration signals from signals received by the antenna
7474609 Frequency-division multiplexing transceive apparatus and method January 6, 2009
In a frequency-division multiplexing transmitting apparatus for transmitting data at a frequency specific to a mobile station, a symbol compression and repetition unit compresses the time domain of each symbol of a transmit symbol sequence, repeats the symbol a prescribed number of t
7340248 Calibration apparatus March 4, 2008
In a calibration apparatus, which calibrates the phases of main signals input to each of the antenna elements of an array antenna, a calibration signal generation portion generates calibration signals, which are combined with main signals. An RF switch alternately inputs to a wireless
7248216 Calibration apparatus and method for array antenna July 24, 2007
The present invention relates to a calibration apparatus for an array antenna having a plurality of antenna elements. The calibration apparatus comprises a conversion unit detecting a calibration signal from an output of a transmission unit to convert the detected calibration signal into
7145508 Radio frequency signal receiving apparatus, a radio frequency signal transmitting apparatus, and December 5, 2006
The disclosed radio frequency signal transmitting and receiving apparatuses compensate for phase and amplitude differences without detecting sync timing of a calibration signal.The radio frequency signal receiving apparatus consists of two or more antennas, radio frequency signal rec
6255858 Phase-frequency detector and phase-locked loop circuit incorporating the same July 3, 2001
By applying a modification considering a frequency difference to a phase error signal, phase lock is established in a short period of time even when there is a frequency difference. A jump detector detects a discontinuous jump of the phase error signal which occurs when there is a fr
6057715 Clock signal generating circuit for generating a clock signal having an arbitrary frequency May 2, 2000
A clock signal generating circuit generates a clock signal having a frequency other than frequencies obtained by dividing a predetermined frequency by natural numbers without using a PLL circuit. An oscillator generates a reference clock signal having a reference frequency. A counter
5978415 Automatic amplitude equalizer November 2, 1999
The invention provides an automatic amplitude equalizer for compensating an amplitude characteristic of an input signal, wherein a control signal for equalizing an inclination amplitude distortion of an input signal is detected making use of a pair of digital demodulated signals to compe
5844950 Cross polarization interference canceler and cross polarization interference eliminating apparat December 1, 1998
A cross polarization interference canceler includes a digital conversion circuit for subjecting a demodulated signal of one channel to an analog-to-digital conversion out of two channels which are independently formed using carriers having the same frequency but having planes of pola
5838956 Clock generating circuit November 17, 1998
A clock generating circuit which generates a clock signal with a desired frequency. An adder adds a first predetermined value to a previous value stored in flip-flops to create a current value (first value). A subtractor computes the difference between a value obtained by adding a second
5625647 Transmitter having automatic level control function April 29, 1997
A transmitter having an automatic level control function, which includes a modulator for modulating a carrier by a baseband signal, a variable attenuator for outputting a modulated wave controlled to a certain level, a detector for detecting the modulated wave, and a subtractor for c
5526343 Auxiliary service channel signal transmission system June 11, 1996
A transmission system for an auxiliary signal which is extracted from/inserted into a terminal office and for an IF repeater office for digital multiplexing microwave communications. The auxiliary signal transmission system multiplexes the frequencies of primary signals, and performs
5457710 Method and circuit for detecting burst signal October 10, 1995
A phase angle .theta. of a received signal is calculated according to a formula .theta.=tan.sup.-1 (Q/I), where I and Q are magnitudes of baseband signals obtained by quadrature detection of the received signal. An angular velocity .DELTA..theta. of the phase angle .theta. is also ca
5448508 Quasi-moving average circuit September 5, 1995
A quasi-moving average circuit constituted without use of a conventional shift register, and constituted by a subtracter which subtracts output data at the preceding sampling time from input data at the sampling time at present and outputs subtraction data; an accumulator unit which adds

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