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Kawasaki; Hidetoshi
Kanagawa, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7767744 Resin composition, resin compact, production method of resin compact and recycling method of res August 3, 2010
A resin composition, includes: an aliphatic polyester; a second polymer compound having a glass transition point higher than a glass transition point of the aliphatic polyester; and aluminum phosphate.
7683117 Resin composition, resin mold and method for producing the same March 23, 2010
A resin composition includes an aliphatic polyester; a second polymer compound other than the aliphatic polyester; and an organic phosphoric acid compound that has a phosphorus content of about 20% by mass or more.
7536937 Cutting method of fabric material May 26, 2009
A fabric material has a base fabric, a pile layer on a surface of the base fabric, and an adhesive layer of a hot-melt adhesive on another surface of the base fabric. The adhesive layer contains a wax whose melting point Tm1 is from C. to C. lower than the melting p
7487521 Cartridge for photosensitive recording medium February 3, 2009
A cartridge is composed of a cartridge body and a shutter. A hologram recording disk is rotatably contained in a disk recess formed in the cartridge body. The shutter comprises upper and lower shutter plates between which the cartridge body is interposed. The shutter opens and closes
6652166 Photographic film cartridge November 25, 2003
A photographic film cartridge includes a light-shielding cloth. The light-shielding cloth is subjected to napping with a coarse napping machine and then napping with a fine napping machine. The napping machines have napper rollers including a pile roller and a counter roller. The rot
6365925 Semiconductor device April 2, 2002
A semiconductor device that is easily operated with a single positive voltage supply and exhibits an excellent linearity of mutual conductance and source-gate capacitance with regard to a gate voltage is provided. The semiconductor device comprises a second barrier layer of AlGaAs, a cha
6201269 Junction field effect transistor and method of producing the same March 13, 2001
For suppressing generation of leakage current and side-gate effect in a junction field effect transistor, a gate extension is formed on a semi-insulative compound semiconductor substrate in a manner to extend from a gate and to protrude outward beyond a channel transversely thereto,
5900765 Bias circuit May 4, 1999
A transistor-bias voltage stabilizing circuit comprises a current saturating resistor connected in series to the output of an FET, the gate bias voltage of which is to be stabilized and a capacitor connected in parallel to the current saturating resistor. The transistor-bias voltage
5341188 Method of making light-trapping members for photographic film cassette August 23, 1994
Light-trapping members are cut out of a ribbon consisting of a base fabric and piles. The piles of the ribbon are pressed against the peripheral surface of a thermal drum to be inclined in the width direction after the ribbon is passed through and twisted by a twister disposed close to t

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