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Kawamura; Hideo
Fujisawa, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4848291 Heat-insulating piston structure July 18, 1989
The heat-insulating piston structure according to the present invention is formed by fixing a piston head, which consists of a material the coefficient of thermal expansion of which is substantially equal to that of a ceramic material, to a piston skirt, and setting a thin, flat plate
4792300 Atomizing burner December 20, 1988
In a burner, a combustion cylinder made of a ceramic material is divided into an atomizing chamber and a combustion chamber by a partitioning plate having openings, a fuel injection port of an atomizing device is opened in the combustion chamber, the atomizing device emerging from a corn
4789331 Liquid fuel burner December 6, 1988
A burner comprises a fiber wick-filled atomizing chamber formed at an end of a combustion cylinder that constitutes a combustion chamber; a perforated ceramic disc provided in front of the atomizing chamber; and a heating plug that protrudes into the combustion chamber penetrating th
4758112 Rotary shaft assembly July 19, 1988
A rotary shaft assembly including a cylindrical ceramic shaft having first and second axially spaced apart and annular outer surface portions, the first surface portion defining a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart irregularities; a metal boss surrounding the first and second
4738236 Combustion chamber for internal combustion engines April 19, 1988
According to the invention, a combustion chamber for internal combustion engines is constructed by forming a combustion chamber recessed in the head portion of a piston, and disposing therein a fuel injection nozzle means that atomizes and supplies the fuel thereinto in such a manner tha
4718235 Turbo compound internal combustion engine January 12, 1988
An internal combustion engine exhaust energy recovery apparatus including a turbine housing retaining a recovery turbine disc and defining a recovery inlet, a recovery exhaust port for discharging exhaust gases, a turbine chamber enclosing the turbine disc, and a convoluted recovery pass
4684341 Fuel vaporization apparatus for combustor August 4, 1987
A liquid fuel combustion apparatus including a housing defining a composite chamber; a perforate wall separating the composite chamber into a vaporization chamber and a combustion chamber and distributing the flow of vapor therebetween; an intake pipe providing air flow to the vaporizati

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