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Kawai; Masato
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7824474 Molded Cu-ZSM5 zeolite adsorbent, method of activating the same, temperature swing adsorption ap November 2, 2010
A method of activating a molded Cu-ZSM5 zeolite adsorbent of the present invention includes: oxidizing a molded product of Cu-ZSM5 zeolite in the flow of air or a gas having an equivalent oxidizability to the air at a temperature of C. to C.; and then heat-treatin
6824588 Apparatus and method for purifying air used in cryogenic air separation November 30, 2004
An apparatus and a method for purifying the air used in cryogenic air separation are described, which are capable of effectively removing nitrogen oxides and/or hydrocarbons. The apparatus comprises an adsorber comprising an adsorption cylinder that has a first adsorbing layer and a
6767386 Method and apparatus for producing nitrogen July 27, 2004
CMS adsorbents having suitable indexes are used to improve greatly the performance of nitrogen-producing apparatuses where nitrogen is obtained from the air with a PSA method, so as to improve the efficiency of nitrogen production. A nitrogen PSA apparatus is formed with two adsorbing
6752851 Gas separating and purifying method and its apparatus June 22, 2004
The gas separation and purification process can recover efficiently a valuable gas such as krypton and xenon to be used as an atmospheric gas in a semiconductor manufacturing equipment etc. by means of PSA process. In the process for separating a valuable gas in the form of purified prod
6660240 Gas processing agent and manufacturing method therefor, gas purification method, gas purifier an December 9, 2003
The present invention relates to a gas processing agent for removing carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in a gas at the same time, which can maintain a high oxidation activity and have a long life time, a manufacturing method therefor and a gas purification method.
6471749 Gas purification method October 29, 2002
The present invention relates to a gas purification method for adsorbing and removing impurities by PSA method combined with heating, capable of removing water vapor and carbon dioxide in an economical and effective way. The present invention includes an adsorption step of adsorbing and
6048509 Gas purifying process and gas purifying apparatus April 11, 2000
A method is provided for removing water, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide out of a gas, such as air, by passing the gas through a packed column so that the gas sequentially contacts a catalyst consisting of platinum or palladium and at least one member selected from the group consistin
4894830 LSI chip with scanning circuitry for generating reversals along activated logical paths January 16, 1990
A plurality of first flip-flop circuits are provided having outputs connected respectively to inputs of a logic circuit. During a test mode, scan data is first loaded into the flip-flop circuits to activate desired logical paths in the logic circuit and subsequently a pulse is scanned
4754215 Self-diagnosable integrated circuit device capable of testing sequential circuit elements June 28, 1988
In a self-diagnosable integrated circuit device comprising sequential circuit elements in an internal logic circuit, a first test pattern signal is successively produced in a test mode from a test pattern generating circuit and stored into the sequential circuit elements with a first
4696006 Method of generating test patterns for logic network devices September 22, 1987
Nodes and paths for connecting the nodes are used to form a model of at least one logic network. Next, all paths for connecting nodes in the logic network are traced, and the nodes and connecting path segments are sensitized and justified. The sensitizing patterns, when generating test
4424581 Logic circuit with a test capability January 3, 1984
A flip-flop circuit receives a portion of a multiple bit output from a combinational logic circuit to be tested, and feeds back a plurality of bits to comprise a portion of the multiple bit input to the combinational logic circuit. The flip-flop circuit includes a plurality of master and

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