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Katsuzawa; Yukio
Yamanashi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7210214 Method of immulating between coils of different phases of electric motor May 1, 2007
A method of insulating the proximal portions of the coil edges of the stator. The insulation sheet has a folding portion for folding one or more coils of the same phase and two insertion portions extending from the folding portion so that distal ends are positioned away from a center
7132776 Electric motor and method of insulation between coils of different phases of electric motor November 7, 2006
An electric motor capable of ensuring insulation of proximal portions of coil edges of a stator projecting from end of a stator core, and a method of insulating the proximal portions of the coil edges of the stator. The insulation sheet has a folding portion for folding one or more coils
6940192 Air-cooled motor September 6, 2005
An air-cooled motor has a motor body in which a through hole is formed in a rotary shaft, a supply section for supplying a fluid to the through hole, a cylindrical member surrounding the supply section, and a cooling fan provided on the side opposite the motor body with respect to the
6824432 Terminal unit for electric motor November 30, 2004
A compact terminal unit for an electric motor capable of switching over windings with ease and improving automation of assembling and inspection process of the electric motor. A terminal base is fixed at a position of a through hole formed on a housing of the electric motor. Leads of the
6692202 Spindle protective structure in spindle-through coolant feeder February 17, 2004
A spindle protective structure in a spindle-through coolant feeder capable of preventing coolant form invading a spindle and a spindle motor for an excessive overflow of coolant. Coolant is supplied into a through hole formed axially in the spindle or a shaft connected to the spindle thr
6640421 Coil inserter for stator winding November 4, 2003
Wedge guides 12 for holding a wedge 11 are mounted onto a base 10, and a stripper 15 is fixed to the other end of the wedge guide 12. A blade holder 13 including a plurality of blades 16 vertically installed is held in such a manner as to be freely advanceable and retractable in an u
6209212 Centering structure between machine-side spindle and motor shaft and method of using same April 3, 2001
A first mounting plate (4) is formed with a ring-shaped projection (6) on its undersurface, facing a through hole (5) in the center. An outer peripheral wall (61) of the projection (6) is finished into the shape of a perfect circle. In mounting a motor (2) on the first mounting plate (4)
5780946 Air-cooled type electric motor July 14, 1998
An air-cooled type electric motor (20) includes a rotor, a stator includes a stator core (28), and a front support member (32) and a rear support member (34) arranged at both axial ends of the stator core (28). A plurality of air passages (42), extending continuously in an axial dire
5747900 Electric motor with an air-cooling system May 5, 1998
An electric motor includes a covering member for covering the outer periphery of a stator core, to improve the cooling efficiency of an air-cooling system of the motor. The covering member is fixed to a stator while defining a cavity therebetween in fluidic communication with air pas
5577847 Supporting arrangement for a bearing in an electric motor November 26, 1996
An improved supporting arrangement for a bearing in an electric motor is provided for preventing the development of fretting corrosion. The electric motor comprises a housing, the housing including a longitudinal axis and bores at either end thereof so that the bores are aligned to the
5559380 Air-cooled motor September 24, 1996
An air-cooled motor having cooling-air passages each formed by a plurality of small ventilation passages extending through a front housing, a stator, and a rear housing, constructed in one piece. Cuttings are prevented from being accumulated at inlets of cooling-air passages. For example
5538067 Method and device of producing a squirrel-cage rotor for an induction motor July 23, 1996
A holding member (22) which can hold a predetermined axial-length laminated core member by pressing down both axial end faces thereof is used to hold a short laminated core member (24) and a spacing element (48) having a thickness generally equal to the difference between the axial lengt
5448118 Liquid cooled motor and its jacket September 5, 1995
Liquid cooled stator jacket and a method for extruding a billet of aluminum alloy to form a stator jacket. The billet of aluminum alloy is extruded to form a plurality of conduits along the longitudinal direction of the billet and to form a plurality of thickness lightening holes along t
5235228 Motor balancing structure August 10, 1993
Labyrinth disks, which are integral components of an electric motor, provided in the front and rear portions of the motor and/or the rotational speed detecting gear, which also is an integral component of the motor, of a rotational speed detector for detecting the rotational speed of the
5229673 Joint construction of cooling pipes for liquid cooled motor July 20, 1993
A liquid cooled motor in which cooling pipelines are located in a casing around an outer periphery of a stator core, comprising deformed O-rings (5) provided around the circumferential edges of a deformed cross sectional hole (40) at ends of a casing (1), and circular cross sectional
5166565 Hold structure for bearing in electrical motor November 24, 1992
An inner portion of a hold structure for a bearing (26) in an electrical motor, in which the output shaft receives a radial load and a thrust load, is constructed by a layer (24) of a ductile material containing iron as a main component. An inner surface of the layer (24) is machined to
5084642 Channel structure for coolant in motor January 28, 1992
When an operation of a motor cannot be continued due to a large amount of heat generated when the motor is rotated at a high speed and under a high load, the motor is usually cooled by adopting a cooling structure using a coolant with a high cooling performance. It is, however, difficult
5043616 Induction motor mounted on bolted legs and end plates August 27, 1991
A construction of an electric induction motor having a stacked stator core (10) arranged around the outer circumference of a rotatable rotor (12) via an annular air gap (14), front and rear housings (20 and 22) arranged at front and rear ends of the stator core (10) and supporting the ro

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