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Kato; Norishige
Hachioji, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7866643 Image forming system and program thereof January 11, 2011
An image forming system including an image forming apparatus and a book binding apparatus, the image forming system includes: a first detection section which detects maximum and minimum book-body sheet length in the bundle of the book-body sheets; a second detection section which detects
7850160 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system December 14, 2010
A sheet processing apparatus, including: a booklet making section for making a booklet by covering a sheet bundle comprised of a plurality of sheets with a cover in a U-shape; a folding section for forming a fold-line on a coversheet, which covers the booklet made by the book making
7783245 Book-binding apparatus and image forming system August 24, 2010
A book-binding apparatus having: a reception vessel to receive glue in liquid form; application section to apply the glue in the reception vessel to a sheet; a hopper to receive a raw material of the glue for refill; a refilling section to refill the raw material of the glue from the
7673866 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming system March 9, 2010
A sheet conveying apparatus is connected between an image forming apparatus and a post-processing apparatus to receive the sheet ejected from the image forming apparatus, and to eject the sheet to the post-processing apparatus. The sheet conveying apparatus receives, from the post-pr
7660556 Sheet post processing apparatus and image forming system February 9, 2010
In a sheet post processing apparatus having a folding device that carries out the process of book folding by folding either one sheet or a plurality of sheets at a time on the sheets discharge from the image forming apparatus, a sheet stacking section that successively stacks the boo
7586634 Image forming system and finishing apparatus September 8, 2009
An image forming system having an image forming apparatus for forming an image onto a recording medium, and a plurality of finishing apparatus for processing the recoding medium ejected from the image forming apparatus, each finishing apparatus of the plurality of finishing apparatuses
7522855 Image forming system and image forming apparatus April 21, 2009
An image forming system including: an image forming apparatus which executes a print job to form an image on a recording medium; and a post processing apparatus which carries out a post processing to the medium on which the image has been formed; wherein, the image forming apparatus
7497427 Image forming apparatus March 3, 2009
When a job cancellation instruction has been specified, if the number of the recording sheets loaded on the stacker device of a post-processing apparatus is not greater than the predetermined number of sheets, the aforementioned recording sheets are ejected without being subjected to
7413176 Sheet finisher August 19, 2008
A sheet finisher includes a sheet stacker for stacking sheets conveyed from an image forming apparatus to form a sheet bundle and a binding device for binding the sheet bundle with a staple, further includes a center folding device for center folding sheets conveyed from the image fo
7412201 Post-processing trimming apparatus and image-forming apparatus August 12, 2008
A post-processing apparatus which has a trimming apparatus for trimming an edge of sheets to make booklets, wherein the trimming apparatus has an inserting means for insertion of sheets into trimming process section of the trimming apparatus, an edge sustaining member and an edge holding
7341247 Image forming apparatus March 11, 2008
An image forming apparatus includes an image forming member to form an image to an recording material, a plurality of sheet finisher units, each of which performs different sheet finishing to the recording material on which the image has formed, a plurality of indicating member provided
7175173 Finisher with increased conveyance speed February 13, 2007
An image forming system includes: an image forming apparatus capable of conveying a recording sheet at a predetermined speed; at least one finisher capable of conveying the sheet eject from the image forming apparatus at a prescribed speed to process the sheet; and a controller for c

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