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Kashiwa; Masahiko
Takasago, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7637650 Continuous mixer and operating method thereof December 29, 2009
In a continuous mixer, a chamber formed in a barrel comprising a feed port for feeding raw material to be mixed on one end side and a discharge port for discharging mixed material on the other end side. A pair of screw provided in the chamber has a feed part for conveying raw material to
7097345 Screw with heat exchange function, mixer and extruder August 29, 2006
A screw with a heat exchange function is rotatably fit in a barrel, and includes a heat exchange medium chamber located at a center section in the radial direction, running along the lengthwise direction. The chamber stores a heat exchange medium supply pipe supplying a heat exchange
6537050 Underwater cutting granulating device March 25, 2003
In a knife used in an underwater cutting granulating device for cutting and granulating a fused resin extruded from a die to a water chamber by a cutter rotated in the state where the knife is opposed to the die, the knife of the cutter has a convex guide surface for guiding a water flow
6409373 Continuous kneader, rotor for material discharging June 25, 2002
A continuous kneader is disclosed wherein rotors each having a material feed section and a kneading section on the outer peripheral surface thereof are inserted rotatably into a chamber while being supported at both axial ends thereof, the said chamber having a material supply port at
6280074 Continuous mixer August 28, 2001
A continuous mixer in which a pair of left and right rotors 4 are rotatably inserted into a chamber 2 having a feed port 13 and a discharge port 14 for materials at both axial ends, respectively, a gate device 17 for adjusting the polymer flow resistance of the materials is provided half
6174475 Underwater cutting granulating device, knife used in this device, and underwater cutting granula January 16, 2001
In a knife used in an underwater cutting granulating device for cutting and granulating a fused resin extruded from a die to a water chamber by a cutter rotated in the state where the knife is opposed to the die, the knife of the cutter has a mountain-shaped guide surface for guiding a
5947593 Twin-screw kneading apparatus September 7, 1999
A kneaded product of a desired state of kneading is available by causing a material to be kneaded to flow in tip clearances between rotor segments 1b and 1b of screw sets 1 and 1 and an inner wall surface of a chamber 4 while rotating the screw sets 1 and 1 provided to the right and the
5773049 Two-layer foam injection molding machine June 30, 1998
A two-layer foam injection molding machine for molding foam moldings in which a surface member composed of a foam layer and a skin layer on the surface of the foam layer is laminated in a body on a core member made from a hard resin. The two-layer foam injection molding machine comprises
5672005 Kneader September 30, 1997
A kneader with a vent function, including a kneading extruder, which permits the continuous viscous flow of material to be kneaded even at a high speed rotation to prevent the generation of cuttings and exhibiting sufficient venting capability. The kneader includes a barrel having kn

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