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Kashdan; David S.
Kingsport, TN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5356634 Controlled-release delivery system October 18, 1994
Provided is a controlled-release system for delivery of bioactive materials such as medicaments, cosmetic ingredients and agrichemicals using cellulose acetate succinate or certain blends of cellulose acetate phthalate polymers as enteric coating materials. Also provided is a method
5182379 Acid-curable cellulose esters containing melamine pendent groups January 26, 1993
Modified cellulose esters are described that are prepared by grafting melamine moieties onto the backbone of cellulose esters. The resulting materials are useful in coating applications for wood, leather, and metal substrates and yield highly solvent-resistant coatings with enhanced
4795641 Polymer blends having reverse phase morphology for controlled delivery of bioactive agents January 3, 1989
Disclosed are polymer blends containing a minor amount of cellulose acetate and a major amount of cellulose acetate phthalate, cellulose acetate trimellitate or cellulose acetate succinate. The blends have reverse phase morphology, that is, the minor component forms a continuous phase. T
4496762 Process for the preparation of N-(2-(cyclo-hexen-1-yl)ethyl)-4-methoxybenzeneacetamide January 29, 1985
An improved method for preparing a compound having the formula ##STR1## which is an intermediate in the preparation of dextromethorphan, the improved method comprises the steps of(A) hydrogenating a compound having the formula ##STR2## in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst
4374770 Process for preparation of aromatic acid chlorides February 22, 1983
Disclosed is a process for converting aromatic aldehydes to the corresponding acid chlorides by reacting an aromatic aldehyde with sulfuryl chloride in the presence of a catalytic amount of a phosphine, phosphine oxide or phosphonium compound. The product compounds produced by the pr

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