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Karches; Martin
Neustadt, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8252253 Process for recovering ruthenium from used ruthenium oxide-comprising catalysts August 28, 2012
The invention relates to a process for recovering ruthenium from a used ruthenium-comprising catalyst which comprises ruthenium as ruthenium oxide on a support material which is not readily soluble in mineral acid, which comprises the steps: a) the ruthenium oxide-comprising catalyst is
8163265 Mechanically stable catalyst based on alpha-alumina April 24, 2012
An oxidation process employing a mechanically stable catalyst of an active metal or combination of active metals supported on aluminum oxide, which is predominantly alpha-aluminum oxide, is provided. The active metal or metals is optionally one or a mixture of ruthenium, copper, gold
8097232 Method for producing chlorine January 17, 2012
A catalytic process for preparing chlorine from hydrogen chloride, which includes recycle of process streams with reduced accumulation of inert gases in the system is provided. The process includes a step wherein a compressed liquid stream comprising chlorine, carbon dioxide and oxygen
8038950 Fluidized-bed reactor for carrying out a gas-phase reaction October 18, 2011
A fluidized-bed reactor for carrying out a gas-phase reaction, in which a gaseous reaction mixture flows from the bottom upward through a heterogeneous particulate catalyst forming a fluidized bed and internals are arranged in the fluidized bed, wherein the internals divide the fluid
7910517 Mechanically stable catalyst based on alpha-alumina March 22, 2011
A catalyst for gas-phase reactions which has high mechanical stability and comprises one or more active metals on a support comprising aluminum oxide as support material, wherein the aluminum oxide in the support consists essentially of alpha-aluminum oxide.Ruthenium, copper and/or g
7819949 Process for extracting (chlorinated) hydrocarbon-free hydrogen chloride and phosgene-free (chlor October 26, 2010
(Chloro)hydrocarbon-free hydrogen chloride and phosgene-free (chloro)hydrocarbons are recovered from a hydrogen chloride stream having (chloro)hydrocarbons and phosgene. The recovery involves connecting a first adsorber and a second adsorber in series and passing the fresh hydrogen c
7662900 Method for producing polyisobutene February 16, 2010
The present invention relates to a process for preparing polyisobutene by polymerizing isobutene using an inert diluent and a halogen-containing Lewis acid as a catalyst, wherein the isobutene in the form of droplets is contacted with the Lewis acid in a polymerization apparatus.

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