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Kanji; Mohamed
Edison, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8562961 Refreshing cream foundation in gel form October 22, 2013
The present invention is directed to a cosmetic composition includes (a) at least one sugar silicone surfactant; (b) at least one polyamine; (c) at least one oil-soluble polar modified polymer; (d) at least one gelling agent; (e) at least one hyperbranched polyol; and (f) water.
8080257 Cosmetic compositions containing at least one hetero polymer and at least one film-forming silic December 20, 2011
Compositions, in one embodiment a transfer resistant cosmetic composition, which may also be pliable and comfortable to wear upon application to a substrate. The compositions comprise, more particularly, at least one structuring polymer and at least one silicone resin. The invention,
7749524 Cosmetic compositions comprising a structuring agent, silicone powder and swelling agent July 6, 2010
Disclosed are compositions that include a structuring agent, a silicone powder and a swelling agent, other compositions further including a liquid fatty phase, methods of making the compositions, and their use on keratin material.
7378103 Cosmetic composition comprising a polyglycerolated silicone elastomer May 27, 2008
The invention relates to a cosmetic composition containing, in at least one cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one polyglycerolated silicone elastomer and at least one ingredient chosen from at least one emulsifying elastomer different from the polyglycerolated silicone elastom
7321011 Self-emulsifying copolymer January 22, 2008
The invention relates to self-emulsifying copolymers, and to compositions, preferably care and/or treatment and/or make-up compositions for keratin and keratinous materials (including the skin, hair, nails, scalp, and/lips of human beings, keratinous fibers, etc.), containing one or
7008629 Compositions comprising at least one heteropolymer and fibers, and methods of using the same March 7, 2006
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one heteropolymer; fibers; and at least one compound chosen from at least one polysaccharide resin and at least one copolymer film former chosen from di-block, tri-block, multi-block, and radial copolymers; and methods for dispersing fibers in
7008619 Methods of use and of making a mascara comprising at least one coloring agent and at least one p March 7, 2006
Methods of making a mascara composition and use of that composition to make up eyelashes where the method of making the mascara composition comprises including in the cosmetic composition at least one polyamide polymer chosen from ethylenediamine/stearyl dimer tallate copolymer, and
6991782 Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one polymethylsilsesquioxane film former January 31, 2006
Compositions comprising at least one polymethylsilsesquioxane film former and at least one film former different from said at least one polymethylsilsesquioxane film former, wherein said at least one polymethylsilsesquioxane film former is present in an amount effective to provide at
6726917 Fiber-containing cosmetic composition April 27, 2004
The invention provides a cosmetic composition, particularly useful as a mascara, containing fibers, pigments, and at least two film formers: at least one tacky film former soluble or dispersible in water and at least one tacky film former soluble in oil chosen from hydrogenated polyi
6517823 High gloss mascara February 11, 2003
An embodiment of the present invention is a cosmetic composition with enhanced gloss properties. The cosmetic compositions of the present invention contain at least one film former with high gloss properties, i.e., a glossy film former having a gloss effect measurement of greater tha
6221389 Aqueous carrier systems for water-insoluble materials April 24, 2001
A composition containing at least one organic phospholipid capable of forming bilayers in aqueous solution;at least one amphoteric surfactant; and at least one nonionic surfactant present in an amount by weight equal to or greater than the amount of the phospholipid. The invention also

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