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Kajiki; Yoshihiro
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8301603 Information document search system, method and program for partitioned indexes on a time series October 30, 2012
Disclosed is a system in which an index registration unit registers an index, which will be used for search processing, as a partitioned index which is partitioned on a time series basis, and a search means reads indexes older than a specified point in time, which is used as a search
8224772 Data management apparatus, method and program July 17, 2012
Disclosed is a data management apparatus comprising a message transfer/analysis unit that receives an object data access request from a client and returns a response; an object metadata storage unit that stores, as metadata, a set of ancillary information on data for an object and a
7925810 Data storage system, method, and recording medium that simultaneously transmits data that was se April 12, 2011
A data storage system has a first storage unit and a second storage unit for storing the same data received from a plurality of higher-level devices. The first storage unit transmits sequence information representative of a sequence for storing the data received from the higher-level
7860867 Information managing system, information managing method, and information managing program for m December 28, 2010
An information managing system includes a parameter setting unit for setting a parameter representative of an attribute of a user and information to be retrieved, and an information relevance space generator for generating an information relevance space representative of information
7818287 Storage management system and method and program October 19, 2010
Disclosed is a storage management system including at least one client, a first server having a primary storage, a second server having a secondary storage, and an intermediate device logically arranged between the client and the first and second servers. The primary storage includes a s
7765217 System and method for managing and arranging data based on an analysis of types of file access o July 27, 2010
Each of the sites interconnected to one another through a wide area network includes at least one client, a switch device logically disposed between the client and at least one server including a storage device, for providing to the client a file access virtually unifying of a plural
7739544 Disk array system and rebuild method thereof June 15, 2010
Disclosed is a disk array system which includes a plurality of disks constituting a disk array and a backup storage for backing up data in the disk array and performs control so that when a failed disk among the disks constituting the disk array is replaced with the replacement disk,
5694235 Three-dimensional moving image recording/reproducing system which is compact in size and easy in December 2, 1997
Upon picking up an image, light beams passing through a focal point of an image-forming lens are directed to an optical detector array comprising a plurality of optical detectors. Each optical detector selectively receives a light beam passing through the focal point with a particular di

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