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Jundt; Werner
Ludwigsburg, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5196810 Plural oscillator circuit arrangement for rapidly resetting a computer circuit March 23, 1993
A circuit arrangement for providing a frequency for a computer circuit is suggested in which, in adition to a quartz oscillator, an additional oscillator which quickly begins to oscillate is provided. To ensure a quick operation of the computer circuit when switching on the computer
5021959 Control device for internal combustion engines June 4, 1991
In a control device (14) for fuel injection and/or spark ignition in an internal combustion engine, a first datablock (16) is programmed for operation in accordance with engine operating parameters (BM, P, L, n, T) but without lambda control when the engine is cold and a second datablock
4897631 Control apparatus January 30, 1990
A control apparatus with connecting terminals which are in part connected to serve a plurality of functions. The control apparatus has at least one memory and can be especially for a control apparatus of an electronic internal combustion engine control wherein an additional voltage sourc
4888697 Electronic control apparatus with defined reset function December 19, 1989
An apparatus for resetting computing devices, particularly devices for fuel proportioning or fuel injection, for adjusting ignition timing, and the like, which are controlled by microprocessors, includes a resetting circuit to evaluate the change in the switching state of the ignition lo
4831992 Method for compensating for a tank venting error in an adaptive learning system for metering fue May 23, 1989
The invention is directed to a method for compensating for the tank venting error in a learning fuel metering system metering the required fuel quantity to an internal combustion engine. The method includes carrying out the lambda correction with adaptively learned precontrol values also
4751633 Externally reprogrammable vehicular microcomputer with hardware lock-out of unauthorized memory June 14, 1988
To prevent change of data in a non-volatile programmable, ready-only memory (25) forming, together with a microprocessor (23) a control unit, for example for an automotive vehicle, while permitting programming of the memory from an external programming unit (P, 1), an interface (3, 11, 1
4713812 Method and apparatus for replacement of data and of a data memory in an automotive-type electron December 15, 1987
To reduce waste and scrap of automotive electronic computer-type control apparatus constructed in hybrid technology on a substrate, due to malfunction, incorrect programming or desired change in data stored in the memory chip of a read-only memory (ROM) also applied in hybrid technology
4689746 Mixture metering arrangement for an internal combustion engine August 25, 1987
The invention is directed to a mixture metering arrangement for an internal combustion engine with a digital data processor, particularly a microcomputer, the signal processing pattern of which is governed by clock pulses, and with a signal generating means which delivers analog output
4653450 Arrangement for the metering of fuel in an internal combustion engine March 31, 1987
The invention is directed to an arrangement for metering fuel to a spark-ignition internal combustion engine equipped with a fuel injection system. The fuel metering arrangement includes a control apparatus which generates injection pulses for controlling the injection valves, the pu
4587939 Safety device for a microcomputer controlled internal combustion May 13, 1986
A safety device for a controlling unit of an internal combustion engine controlled by a microcomputer includes the following circuits: (a) a source of stabilized voltage which may be subject to fluctuations; (b) a first monitoring circuit responsive to voltage breaks in the voltage s
4559483 Control device for increasing speed of actuation of an electromagnetic consumer, particularly in December 17, 1985
The actuation speed of an electromagnetic consumer is increased by means of a charged capacitor which is connected in series with a consumer at such a polarity that its voltage is added to that of the power source. In one embodiment, the capacitor is switched across the power source unti
4528957 Method and apparatus for controlling the air-fuel ratio of the operating mixture of an internal July 16, 1985
The invention is directed to a method and an apparatus for controlling the air-fuel ratio of the operating mixture supplied to an internal combustion engine. The apparatus includes an oxygen sensor that is responsive to the oxygen content of the burnt operating mixture. The operating sta
4491113 Current regulator for an electromagnetic consumer for use with internal combustion engine contro January 1, 1985
A current regulator is proposed for use in an electronically controlled, continuously operating gasoline injection system, with the aid of which a control element can be supplied with different current values depending upon the operating states of the engine. In addition to a current
4382431 Circuit for decreasing oscillatoins in the primary winding of an ignition coil of an internal co May 10, 1983
Oscillations which would normally occur when the current in the primary winding of an ignition coil is limited to a predetermined value prior to ignition are suppressed by use of a feedback resistor. Specifically, the basic circuit consists of the primary winding of the ignition coil
4366800 Dwell angle control for internal combustion engine ignition system January 4, 1983
A dwell angle control has three counting devices for detecting acceleration. In a first UP/DOWN counter (17), the count in one direction takes place throughout the time the current in the primary circuit of an ignition coil (25) exceeds a current threshold value (I1). The count in th
4359036 Ignition system for internal combustion engines November 16, 1982
An ingition system for internal combustion engines has dwell angle control apparatus for controlling the switching times of an electronic switch (21) in the primary circuit of an ignition coil (22) in dependence on the signals of a rotating sensor (10) or an ignition computer (11). S
4356808 Low-speed compensated ignition system for an internal combustion engine November 2, 1982
A switching transistor (7, 9) is serially connected with the primary (5) of an ignition coil; current flow therethrough is controlled from an a-c signal generator (16) with respect to an ON threshold level (Ue) to store electromagnetic energy, and an OFF threshold level (Ua) to generate
4337744 Ignition system for internal combustion engines July 6, 1982
Clock pulses are counted to provide a count indicative of speed in a counter that is reset with every revolution of a reference mark. The difference between successive counts is multiplied by a fractional factor, which is not necessarily the same for acceleration and deceleration, then
4328782 Ignition system for internal combustion engines May 11, 1982
In order to reduce the amount of ignition energy supplied to an ignition coil during low speed operation of the engine, an electronic circuit is provided to regulate the open time of the ignition circuit to be constant in an upper engine speed domain and to then obey a predetermined
4285314 System to decrease operating jolts in a vehicle by controlling fuel and ignition timing of an in August 25, 1981
In an internal combustion engine in which the fuel supply is interrupted during no-load operation to save gas the ignition timing is retarded following resumption of the fuel supply to cause the resumed torque to be applied slowly. A sequence of ignition timing signals following the
4275703 Flux control system for a hall generator in an ignition system of an internal combustion engine June 30, 1981
The AC signal generator furnishing the basic control signal for ignition timing is a Hall generator the flux through which is gradually increased while the crankshaft of the engine rotates through a predetermined angle of rotation. The Hall generator is part of a magnetic circuit which a
4275702 Ignition system for an internal combustion engine June 30, 1981
In order to optimize the on/off ratio of the output switch in an electronic ignition system in which a monostable multivibrator is triggered by rpm-dependent transducer pulses, the time constant of the multivibrator may be changed by altering the discharging characteristics of its timing
4268888 Apparatus for generating engine speed-dependent ignition control signals May 19, 1981
In order to prevent ignition power losses at low engine speeds and further to provide for the use of ignition control signals of both unipolar and bipolar nature, the invention provides that a Schmitt trigger which generates the principal ignition control signal is actuated by the tr
4265204 Ignition control system with closure angle independent of residual energy stored in ignition coi May 5, 1981
The closure angle of an interrupter switch connected in series with the primary winding of an ignition coil is varied as a predetermined function of engine speed by charging and discharging of an integrator circuit which in turn changes the cut-in threshold of a threshold circuit control
4253443 Internal combustion engine ignition system March 3, 1981
To permit use of shaft position transducers which provide needle pulses at predetermined angular positions of the crankshaft of an engine, such as Wiegand-type, and still enable generation of a counted dwell time even under transient conditions, or under low-speed conditions, the output
4253442 Ignition system with improved temperature and voltage compensation March 3, 1981
The voltage across a capacitor is changed in a first direction while the current in the primary winding of the ignition coil increases to a predetermined value less than the value required for ignition and is thereafter changed in a second direction until ignition takes place. The vo
4244344 Ignition system with overvoltage and excess current protection January 13, 1981
In a known ignition system, the emitter-collector circuit of the ignition transistor is connected in series with the primary winding of the ignition coil and with a precision resistor. When the voltage across the latter exceeds a predetermined value, an auxiliary transistor is switched t
4204508 Ignition system for internal combustion engine May 27, 1980
A transistor switch connected in series with the primary winding of the ignition coil permits and blocks current flow through the coil when in a conductive and non-conductive state respectively. Normally, the switch is "on" and "off" respectively in the presence and absence of an ignitio
4202304 Interference protected electronic ignition system for an internal combustion engine May 13, 1980
To eliminate the effects of disturbances, noise and interference in the signal derived from a speed-dependent signal generator coupled to the engine on the threshold response level of a threshold switch which, upon sensing a leading flank of the signal, causes a controlled transistor
4176645 Motor ignition system control circuit for maintaining energy storage in spark coil constant in w December 4, 1979
A monitoring resistor in series with the spark coil primary winding and the electronic interruptor switch provides a signal to an integrator for shifting the control thresholds of a threshold switch that controls the interruptor away from their quiescent values that are nearer the zero
4174696 Ignition system November 20, 1979
A switch connected in series with the ignition coil is "on" and "off," respectively, in the presence and absence of a pulse furnished by a pulse generator operating in synchronism with the crankshaft of the engine. If the pulse width of the pulses is too small for the current in the igni
4159431 Electronic switch maintaining a predetermined state independent of supply voltage variation June 26, 1979
To prevent uncontrolled switching of a Schmitt trigger during supply voltage shutoff, the trigger input transistor is maintained in the conductive state independent of supply voltage by a voltage divider and an additional DC base voltage. A second voltage divider furnishes a voltage
4105006 Ignition system for internal combustion engine August 8, 1978
Current flow to the ignition coil during low-speed operation of the engine, is controlled by an auxiliary control switch which is connected in shunt with the primary of the ignition coil. Serially connected with the primary is a main control switch which is controlled to close until curr

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