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Johnson; Clifford T.
Ridgecrest, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4351239 Warhead, incendiary September 28, 1982
The lethality of a fragmentation warhead is increased by including pyrophc material consisting of spongy zirconium metal rings in combination with the fragmentation material.
4033265 Anti-compromise device July 5, 1977
The forward bulkhead of a warhead casing centrally formed with a cylindri indention which causes a forward jet when the warhead is detonated.
4022130 Ejectable fuze May 10, 1977
A warhead fuze is attached within the warhead casing in such a manner that ressure buildup will cause the fuze mechanism to be ejected from its housing. The fuze and its associated booster is contained in a cup attached to an end cap which may be threaded to receive a closure cap. The
4004516 Fuze January 25, 1977
An existing booster and fuze combination is modified to provide relief from emperature and pressure buildup in an open fire environment. The booster explosive, thus, is encased in a low temperature melting plastic and the main housing is vented by boring a number of passages through the m
3992998 Warhead, penetrating nose shape November 23, 1976
The forward end of a warhead casing is structured to improve warhead penetion characteristics. The forward wall of the warhead casing is configured with thicker peripheral portions tapering to a thinner central portion and the warhead explosive is separated from the forward wall by a

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