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Jinotti; Walter J.
New Brunswick, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D288963 Dual-purpose valve for a catheter March 24, 1987
D251313 Exerciser March 13, 1979
5813402 Valve for pulmonary catheter September 29, 1998
The disclosure is of apparatus for transporting treatment means to a pulmonary patient and including sealing means embedded in parts thereof to prevent leakage of the treatment means.
5511545 Valve for pulmonary medical use April 30, 1996
A valve for pulmonary medical use includes first and second valve portions which are coupled together so that they can rotate with respect to each other and feed oxygen or suction to a patient. The two portions are held together by locking means made up of male and female portions which
5496287 Pulmonary suction catheter March 5, 1996
The disclosure is of a suction catheter having a valve body including a vertical plunger in a vertical bore and two horizontal tubes, one for connection to a source of suction and one for connection to a patient. In one position of the plunger, the two tubes are aligned with a path throu
5487381 Closed system for treating pulmonary patient January 30, 1996
The apparatus comprises a T-shaped member adapted to be inserted into the mouth of a patient and feeding oxygen thereto. The T-shaped member is divided into front and rear portions by an apertured wall into which a catheter assembly is to be inserted for insertion into a patient. The
5346478 Pulmonary catheter September 13, 1994
The disclosure is of a pulmonary catheter assembly including a tube assembly for insertion into a patient for providing oxygen and suction thereto and a flexible sleeve enclosing said tube assembly. The sleeve is secured to one end of the tube assembly and extends toward and beyond the
5255672 Dual-purpose catheter assembly October 26, 1993
A dual-purpose catheter assembly including a valve having two outlet tubes for providing oxygen and suction to a patient and a coupling manifold adapter coupled to the two outlet tubes and having a single small diameter lumen coupled to a pediatric patient.
5242084 Fluid dispensing apparatus September 7, 1993
Fluid dispensing apparatus comprising a housing containing two box-like members, an upper and a lower with the lower box being adapted to slide into the upper box to provide a space beneath it for receiving a plastic bag containing a fluid to be fed therefrom. A drive plate is disposed
5088486 Closed system reusable dual purpose catheter February 18, 1992
A dual-purpose catheter for performing suction or oxygen feed on a patient including two cylindrical bodies rotatably coupled together and held together by a spring which is biased to hold the bodies in a first position with respect to each other but permits rotation to a second posi
4995387 Dual-purpose catheter February 26, 1991
A two-tube dual purpose catheter comprising two flexible tubes, an oxygen tube and a suction tube secured together by a rupturable bridging member, the two tubes having different diameters. An adapter is also provided for coupling the two tubes to means for providing oxygen or suction to
4856506 Apparatus for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation August 15, 1989
The apparatus includes a tube having a mouthpiece for a medical technician and a mouthpiece for insertion into the mouth of a patient.Means in the tube provides a first flow path for air to flow from a patient into the tube and to the surrounding atmosphere, and a movable member in the t
4595005 Dual-purpose catheter June 17, 1986
A dual-purpose catheter for performing suction or oxygen feed on a patient including two cylindrical bodies rotatably coupled together and held together by a spring which is biased to hold the bodies in a first position with respect to each other but permits rotation to a second posi
4193406 Dual purpose catheter March 18, 1980
The disclosure is of a catheter including a first suction tube, a second oxygen supply tube, and valve means for alternately connecting the proper tube to suction or oxygen whereby mucous can be removed from a body and then oxygen can be fed to the body.
4111416 Exerciser September 5, 1978
The disclosure is of a leg exerciser comprising a generally rectangular base member and a generally rectangular upper foot-receiving member hinged together along aligned end portions with a spring disposed between them remote from the aligned portions. Leg exercise can be obtained by pum

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