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Jan; Te-Chin
Taipei, TW
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D660395 Insect killer May 22, 2012
D460800 Ion freshener with pest repelling July 23, 2002
D430259 Ultrasonic pest repeller August 29, 2000
D410062 Ultrasonic animal chaser May 18, 1999
D398872 Ultrasonic animal expelling unit and passive infrared rays detector September 29, 1998
6157594 Mole chaser December 5, 2000
A mole chaser with improvements in the construction and method of audio frequency and vibration generation includes a main stem, a cap, a battery chamber and a control circuit board, suspended or loosely installed inside of the main stem to make constant contact with inside wall of the m
6134827 Mole chaser October 24, 2000
An improved mole chaser includes a rotation block eccentrically mounted on a motor spindle. The rotation block includes a loosely held impact ring which may hit an impact member housed in the battery chamber when motor rotates to generate an audio vibration frequency. The eccentrically
6000169 Mole chaser December 14, 1999
An improvement for mole chaser includes a stem houses a motor to drive a rotary means within a hollow impact unit. The impact unit has a plural number of curved bulges located therein. The rotary unit has movable impact members eccentrically located thereon. Motor rotation will drive
5850371 Wide angle frequency automatic scanning ultrasonic animal chaser December 15, 1998
A wide angle frequency automatic scanning ultrasonic animal chaser for scaring away straying cats and dogs includes a case, an end plate, a water resistant cover and an ultrasonic oscillation circuit held in the case. The case and the end plate are housed in the cover by means of ridges
5832657 Ultrasonic expelling device with infrared rays detecting circuit for driving away animals November 10, 1998
An infrared ray detection and ultrasonic wave oscillation animal chaser includes a front case, a shell, a water-resistant cover, an infrared ray detection circuit board and an ultrasonic wave oscillation circuit board. The front case, shell and the cover have latching hook and grooves, a
5822917 Mole chaser October 20, 1998
An improvement for mole chaser over U.S. Pat. No. 5,205,066 granted to the applicant. The improvement includes a motor driven rotation vibrating means which has a pair of spaced doughnut-shaped rings and a main stem which houses a battery chamber and an impact member therein. The impact
5205066 Mole chaser April 27, 1993
A mole chaser, which comprises a main stem, a cap, a battery chamber, and an audio frequency circuit; the main stem and the cap are fastened together with threads, whereby battery chamber and the audio frequency circuit can be sealed in the main stem. The lower end of the main stem has

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