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Jainek; Herbert
Heilbronn, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8057687 Liquid filter heat exchanger unit November 15, 2011
A liquid filter heat exchanger unit has a heat exchanger having an inlet through which a liquid is supplied to the heat exchanger and a drain through which the liquid exits after having passed through the heat exchanger. The unit also has a liquid filter with a filter housing and a f
6994784 Liquid filter/heat exchanger unit February 7, 2006
A liquid filter/heat exchanger unit including a liquid filter and a heat exchanger, the liquid filter having a filter element in a filter housing. To bypass the heat exchanger, there is a bypass connecting the heat exchanger inlet directly to the unfiltered side of the filter element. A
6955755 Liquid filter comprising a valve arranged in a support tube of a filter element October 18, 2005
A liquid filter including a valve arranged in a supporting tube of a filter insert, in which the valve is fixed by a disk (60) which is oversized relative to a mounting opening (61), so that reliable sealing to the edges of the disk is facilitated. Use of the disk (60) simplifies the mou
6893561 Liquid filter with a cast metal housing and method of producing the same May 17, 2005
A housing configuration for a liquid filter in which the housing is cup-shaped and is produced by a molding technique. The housing lid or lid is secured to the housing (10) by a course of threads (28) which can be produced without forming any undercuts. This is achieved inside an area
6811694 Liquid filter November 2, 2004
A liquid filter for removing contaminants from liquids such as lubricating oil, water or fuel, comprising a filter housing (10), a filter element (15), a support body (16) and a slide valve (17), which, when closed, prevents liquid from flowing from an unfiltered liquid area or from a
6746604 Liquid filter June 8, 2004
A liquid filter is described, which comprises a housing, a cover to seal said housing, a filter element arranged in said housing, and a supporting body for the filter element connected to the cover. The housing has an inflow opening for the liquid to be filtered as well as an outlet open
6723149 Separator for liquids comprising a separating cartridge, particularly for separating oil from cr April 20, 2004
A separator for liquid, in particular for removing oil from crankcase gases, having a cover (11) into which a mount (13) for a cylindrical separating cartridge (14) is incorporated. The separating cartridge is composed, for example, of a non-woven separating material (20) wound aroun
6709588 Filter for internal combustion engine fuels March 23, 2004
A filter for filtering liquids, especially fuel, which includes a concentric housing, an unfiltered liquid inlet, and filtered fluid outlet, and a backflow member. A concentric filter element, with a dirt collecting chamber in the lowermost part thereof, is disposed in the housing, which
6644624 Liquid discharge assembly November 11, 2003
A quick-connect coupling for opening a valve to allow discharge of a liquid. The coupling is particularly suited for discharging motor oil from the oil pan or oil filter of an internal combustion engine. The coupling includes at least one latching element which engages the valve in order
6610203 Liquid filter, particularly for oil or fuel in an internal combustion engine August 26, 2003
A liquid filter mainly intended for oil or fuel in internal combustion engines, in which the filter comprises a replaceable filter cartridge (17). The filter cartridge is housed in a housing having an essentially central symmetry comprising a housing base and a cover which is designed
6558536 Liquid filter with a cooler May 6, 2003
A liquid filter, especially including an oil filter cartridge (12) which is contained in a pot-shaped or cylindrical housing (10) with threaded cover (11), into which a cooler (13) is preferably installed. An outlet opening (37a) is contained in the oil cooler (13) which facilitates comp
6517710 Structural assembly with an oil filter for an internal combustion engine February 11, 2003
An assembly for an internal combustion engine comprising an oil filter in a first housing structure 11 and, for instance, an oil separator in a second housing structure 12. The two housing structures can be combined to form a modular assembly. The assembly includes duct structures 20, 21
6485637 Liquid filter with a drain for residual liquid November 26, 2002
A liquid filter, suitable for the lubricating oil of an internal combustion engine, having a cartridge installation opening 15 which faces substantially downward, a positively guided oil drain 28 is proposed for draining oil from the filter when the filter cartridge is changed. The p
6422305 Liquid cooling system July 23, 2002
A liquid cooling system 10 for cooling liquids including a housing 11, a housing cover 12, and a liquid cooler 13. The housing 11 is sealingly fastened to the housing cover 12. The liquid cooler 13 is composed of cooling plates 19 stacked one on another. The cooling plates 19 sealingly
6340011 Intake duct for an internal combustion engine January 22, 2002
An air intake duct for an internal combustion engine, which has a plurality of intake tubes 13. In one of the intervening spaces 15 between the intake tubes a working element, especially a filter housing 16, is contained. The latter communicates directly with the crankcase of the interna
6234194 Valve May 22, 2001
A valve (1, 8, 14) having a valve body (2) that is pressed against a valve seat (5, 11) by the pressure of a valve spring (3) supported against a valve cap (4, 10). The valve is held together in the area of the valve seat (5, 11) by an enclosure member (7, 9, 15) coated with an elastomer
6224758 Filter assembly May 1, 2001
A filter assembly for a liquid to be filtered, especially for use in a conditioning unit for the lubricating oil of a motor vehicle, including a filter cartridge (8) concentrically arranged around a center tube (9) through which a liquid stream may flow. The filter assembly includes a
6177003 Filter with safety element for filtering engine oil January 23, 2001
A filter for filtering the lubricating oil in an internal combustion engine. The filter comprises a housing (10) having an unfiltered oil inlet and a filtered oil outlet. A filter element (16) is disposed in the housing (10). A cover (13) is provided with a safety element (20) which
5928511 Oil filter with housing drain channel July 27, 1999
An oil filter including a filter housing, a cover and a filter element arranged within the filter housing and provided with an outlet channel which is closed by a seal when the cover is in a closed position and which allows oil situated in the filter housing to run out into a collecting
5695633 Oil filter support tube and housing cover with snap detent connection therebetween December 9, 1997
A fluid filter, particularly for cleaning lubricating oil for internal-combustion engines of motor vehicles, which includes a filter housing 10 with a screw cap 11 and an annular filter element 12 inserted into the filter housing 10. The filter element 12 is pushed onto a supporting
5374355 Filter for fuels or lubricants of an internal combustion engine December 20, 1994
A filter for fuel and/or lubricants of an internal combustion engine is described. This filter consists of a base plate which can be fastened to a threaded nipple, a cover which is releasably fastened to the base plate, and a support tube disposed on the cover or base plate. A filter car
5292432 Filter for fluids March 8, 1994
A fluid filter has a housing which consists of a top housing half 10 and a bottom housing half 11. Between these two housing halves a filter element is disposed. On the bottom housing half is an inlet for the raw fluid, and on the top housing half is an outlet for the clean fluid. The tw

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