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Iwata; Masaki
Kawasaki, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8081433 Electronic apparatus December 20, 2011
An electronic apparatus includes a keyboard unit that has an upper surface on which a plurality of keys are provided, and one side and a different side each of which has an attachment section, the different side facing the one side, a fixing section that fixes the keyboard unit in co
7957125 Assembly and electronic apparatus June 7, 2011
An assembly includes a first housing, a second housing that houses a plate member, and a connecting section that connects the first housing to the second housing in such a way that the first housing is openable and closable with respect to the second housing on one side of the second
7817409 Electronic apparatus October 19, 2010
An electronic apparatus includes: a case having a first cover and a second cover, which form an internal space of the case in combination; a circuit substrate loaded with an electronic circuit and disposed in the internal space of the case; and a board member extending between the circui
7746628 Electronic device June 29, 2010
The present invention relates to an electronic device having two casings connected with each other through a hinge member such that the casings can open and close with respect to each other. The electronic device includes a hinge member suitable for mounting a large size display panel.
7405933 Cooling device, substrate, and electronic equipment July 29, 2008
A cooling device for cooling electronic components mounted on a substrate, comprising a radiating member having a pair of mounting plates formed of a conductive sheet metal member in generally channel shape in cross section and positioned parallel with each other and a connection plate

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