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Isobe; Eiji
Kariya, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8035934 Shift switching device and shift switching method October 11, 2011
A shift-by-wire shift switching device and shift switching method that switch a shift range of an automatic transmission using an electric motor. The shift switching device includes a controller that determines whether a fault has occurred in a current supply line of each phase of th
7990088 Motor control apparatus August 2, 2011
At an initial drive operation after turning on of an electric power source, an ECU sequentially changes each current exciting phase among multiple phases through one complete cycle at a predetermined time schedule, so that a rotational position of a rotor and the corresponding exciti
7960933 Motor control apparatus June 14, 2011
A P-range side delimiting position of a movable range of a range change mechanism is learned by rotating a motor to a corresponding rotational position, which corresponds to the P-range side delimiting position. A climb correction amount is set for a learning value of the P-range side
7629760 Controlling device for range switch mechanism December 8, 2009
A controlling device includes a range switch mechanism, range switch operating means, operation frequency monitoring means, and heat generation limit controlling means. The range switch mechanism is adapted to change a shift range using a motor. Through the range switch operating mea
7500455 Valve timing control apparatus March 10, 2009
In a guide groove of a guide rotator of a valve timing control apparatus, a stopper surface is planar and is positioned in an end of the guide groove. The stopper surface is engageable with a cylindrical outer peripheral surface of a movable body, which is received in the guide groov
7472670 Valve timing controller January 6, 2009
In a valve timing controller, the guide-groove biases the moving element in a direction in which the moving element slides with respect to a radial line connecting a center of the guide-rotational element and the moving element, when the guide-rotational element relatively rotates with
7458351 Valve timing controller December 2, 2008
A valve timing controller includes a guide rotation member provided with a guide groove, a bearing rotation member radially supporting the guide rotation member, and a plurality of movable bodies sliding in the guide groove in accordance with a rotation of the guide rotation member. A
7444969 Variable valve timing apparatus November 4, 2008
In the case where an intake valve has its phase in a first region between a most retarded angle and CA(1), the rotational speed of relative rotation between an output shaft of an electric motor and a sprocket is reduced at a reduction gear ratio R(1) to change the phase of the intake
7418934 Valve timing controller September 2, 2008
A valve timing controller is provided with a first rotary element that rotates in response to a crankshaft, a second rotary element that rotates in response to a camshaft. Multiple link mechanisms are arranged adjacently in the rotational direction of the first rotary element to chan
7406934 Valve timing controller with separating member August 5, 2008
A valve timing controller includes a first rotating element and a second rotating element. The controller further includes a link mechanism part including arm members for coupling the first and second rotating elements. The controller also includes a gear part including a first gear
7395791 Valve timing controller with a stopper July 8, 2008
A valve timing controller is disclosed that includes first and second rotating elements, and a phase changing mechanism including arm members coupling the first and second rotating elements. The valve timing controller also includes a cam plate and a stopper to restrict rotation of t
7383802 Valve timing adjusting apparatus June 10, 2008
In a valve timing adjusting apparatus, an outer peripheral surface of each projection of an internal gear, which is received in a corresponding engaging hole of a guide rotator, may have reduced surface sections, which are radially inwardly reduced toward a radial center of the proje
7341030 Valve timing controller March 11, 2008
A valve timing controller is provided with a first rotary element that rotates in response to the movement of a crankshaft, a second rotary element that rotates in response to the movement of a camshaft. A link mechanism changes a relative rotation phase between the first and second
6968816 Oil flow control valve November 29, 2005
In an oil flow control valve (OCV) according to the present invention, a first volume varying chamber is adapted to communicate with a second volume varying chamber through a second plunger breathing path, and the second volume varying chamber is adapted to communicate with a first b
6968813 Electromagnetic spool valve November 29, 2005
An electromagnetic spool valve includes a spool valve, an electromagnetic actuator, and a bracket. The spool valve includes a cylindrical sleeve and a spool. The cylindrical sleeve includes an input/output ports for fluid to flow through. The spool is axially slidable in the sleeve. The
6695284 Electromagnetic valve apparatus February 24, 2004
An electromagnetic valve apparatus prevents fluid leakage and contains a stationary core having a shape of a bottomed, single-piece cup constructed by combining a housing portion, an attracting portion, a thin-walled portion that joins the housing portion and the attracting portion, and
6681806 Solenoid valve January 27, 2004
A feed position of oil from an oil pump is changed to improve the machinability of an engine cylinder block. A plunger guide is obtained which attains improvement in pump pressure resistance and retention of magnetic efficiency. An oil feed port connected to an oil feed path on the o

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