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Insley; Robert H.
Royal Oak, MI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4083905 Open mesh, random fiber, ceramic structure, monolithic catalyst support April 11, 1978
The present invention provides a novel cellular ceramic catalyst support. The support consists of a random-fiber ceramic framework having a high surface area. The support is fabricated by flocking an organic sponge with wood or textile fibers, and impregnating the flocked sponge with a h
4005050 Tantalum or niobium-modified resistor element January 25, 1977
An improved resistor element especially suitable for use in spark plugs is disclosed. The resistor element is prepared from a stannic oxide-barium, calcium or strontium borate composition doped with from 1 to 18 percent tantalum pentoxide or 1/2 to 5 percent niobium pentoxide based on th
3995184 Alumina-spinel diffusion semiconductor November 30, 1976
An improved semiconductor and semiconductor coating for alumina electrical insulating devices is disclosed. The semiconductor is prepared by applying a layer of a mixture of monoxide and sesquioxide combination to an alumina body and firing at a temperature of or above there

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