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Inoue; Kazunori
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8238689 Development server, development client, development system, and development method August 7, 2012
A development server for more easily creating an image having a quality of image matching the desire and preference of the user from image data such as RAW data from which the user cannot develop. A development server (120) comprises a RAW receiving section (122) for receiving undevelope
8159749 Antireflection coating and display device April 17, 2012
An antireflection coating is formed on a transparent substrate and includes an Al film having a transmittance of lower than 10% at a wavelength of 550 nm with a thickness of 25 nm and predominantly composed of aluminum (Al), and an Al--N film formed in at least one of an upper layer
8040054 Organic electroluminescence type display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same October 18, 2011
An organic electroluminescence type display apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention includes: a thin film transistor formed on an insulating substrate; and an organic EL device connected to the thin film transistor and including at least an anode, an electroluminesc
8039852 Thin film transistor for a liquid crystal device in which a sealing pattern is electrically conn October 18, 2011
A display apparatus including a TFT array substrate on which TFTs are formed in an array, a counter substrate disposed so as to face the TFT array substrate, and a sealing pattern for adhering the TFT array substrate and the counter substrate to each other, wherein the counter substr
7910053 Semiconductor device and active matrix display device March 22, 2011
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor layer, an Al alloy film electrically connected to the semiconductor layer, and a transparent electrode layer directly contacting with the Al alloy film at least over an insulating substrate. The Al alloy film includes one or more kinds of
7825515 Semiconductor device, display device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device November 2, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a film containing silicon as the main ingredient, and an aluminum alloy film, such as a source electrode and a drain electrode, that is directly connected to the film containing silicon as the main ingredient, such as an ohmic low-resistance Si film, a
7816693 Thin film transistor in which an interlayer insulating film comprises two distinct layers of ins October 19, 2010
According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a display apparatus including a TFT array substrate on which TFTs are formed in an array, a counter substrate disposed so as to face the TFT array substrate, and a sealing pattern for adhering the TFT array substrate
7577854 Information storage device having a divided area in memory area August 18, 2009
An information storage apparatus capable of setting the number and sizes of partitioned areas resulting from partitioning a memory area based on a user's intention is provided. For this purpose, an information storage apparatus having a plurality of partitioned areas of different securit
7420215 Transparent conductive film, semiconductor device and active matrix display unit September 2, 2008
A transparent conductive film substantially made from In.sub.2O.sub.3, SnO.sub.2 and ZnO, having a molar ratio In/(In+Sn+Zn) of 0.65 to 0.8 and also a molar ratio Sn/Zn of 1 or less: The transparent conductive film has a favorable electric contact property with an electrode or line made
6834799 IC card with capability of having plurality of card managers installed December 28, 2004
Provided is an IC card capable of downloading a card manager even after issuance of the IC card. A first card manager stored in the ROM of an IC card is made to be capable of downloading a privileged application, which is an application having a privilege, and a privileged API in the ROM
6586335 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same July 1, 2003
A thin film transistor includes: a substrate, a gate electrode, an insulating film, a semiconductor film, a source electrode, a drain electrode, wherein in at least one electrode of the gate electrode, the source electrode and the drain electrode, end portion of the at least one elec
6336123 Hierarchical based hyper-text document preparing and management apparatus January 1, 2002
Contents of each of nodes indicating a plurality of hyper-text documents are prepared and revised in a node managing unit as node information. A connection-relationship between two nodes is established and revised for each of the nodes in a hierarchy structure managing unit as hierarchy
6252247 Thin film transistor, a method for producing the thin film transistor, and a liquid crystal disp June 26, 2001
A thin film transistor (TFT) device including a first electrode including at least one of a gate, a source and a drain formed on a transparent insulating substrate, an insulating film layer covering both the first electrode and the transparent insulating substrate, and a transparent film
6218206 Method for producing thin film transistor and thin film transistor using the same April 17, 2001
To provide a method of producing a TFT array and a liquid crystal display apparatus in which a contact resistivity of a pixel electrode and a drain electrode through a contact hole in an interlayer insulating film can be not more than 10E4.OMEGA. stably. A method of producing TFT of the
6014678 Apparatus for preparing a hyper-text document of pieces of information having reference relation January 11, 2000
A plurality of elements of a document is classified into a plurality of services respectively relating to a meaning, and a plurality of nodes respectively indicating one element are prepared in a node preparing unit. Therefore, each of services is a partial set of nodes. Also, a pluralit

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