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Inoue; Hiroshi
Iwakuni, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5091346 Composition for producing ceramics February 25, 1992
A ceramic-making composition comprising at least one starting powder selected from the group consisting of powders of metals, powders of metal oxides, powders of metal carbides, powders of metal nitrides and powders of metal borides, and a synthetic resin binder. To enhance plastic m
4668752 Linear ethylene copolymer May 26, 1987
Ethylene/C.sub.4 -C.sub.20 alpha-olefin copolymers are disclosed which have new characteristics in regard to composition distribution, degree of branching, randomness and crystallinity by DSC melting points. These copolymers have excellent transparency, impact strength, tear strength,
4510303 Ethylene-alpha-olefin-polyene random copolymer rubber April 9, 1985
An ethylene-alpha-olefin-polyene random copolymer rubber comprising ethylene, an alpha-olefin having 3 to 10 carbon atoms and a polyene, wherein (A) a molar ratio of ethylene/alpha-olefin is 55/45 to 95/5, (B) the polyene is a mixture of 5-ethylidene-2-norbornene (ENB) and 5-vinyl-2-
4205021 Ethylene copolymers May 27, 1980
A copolymer consisting essentially of ethylene and an .alpha.-olefin with 5 to 18 carbon atoms, said copolymer having(i) a density of 0.90 to 0.94 g/cm.sup.3,(ii) an intrinsic viscosity [.eta.] of 0.8 to 4.0 dl/g,(iii) a maximum melting point, determined by differential thermal analysis, of

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