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Imken; Ronald L.
Round Rock, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7947429 Long length flexible circuits and method of making same May 24, 2011
Disclosed is a method for making long flexible circuits. Some of the long circuits may be made using a single photoimaging mask. Also disclosed are flexible circuits made by this method.
7871150 Flexible circuits having ink-resistant covercoats January 18, 2011
A circuit article for use with an inkjet printer pen. The circuit article comprises a flexible circuit having a plurality of conductive traces disposed on a dielectric film, an adhesive film disposed adjacent the dielectric film of the flexible circuit, and a carrier film disposed ad
6489042 Photoimageable dielectric material for circuit protection December 3, 2002
An electronic circuit device comprising at least one substrate having a photoimageable covercoat, comprising at least 95 weight percent of at least one epoxy-modified aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolymer and a catalyst comprising an onium salt selected from a triarylsulfonium
5509200 Method of making laminar stackable circuit board structure April 23, 1996
Method and apparatus for fabricating fine pitch pattern multilayer printed circuit boards involving laminar stackable board layers providing power distribution, signal distribution and capacitive decoupling. In one respect, the invention relates to the fabrication of board layers by
5363275 Modular component computer system November 8, 1994
Discrete computational elements are provided that will be connected to a base unit, and to one another or I/O devices, in order to configure a particular computer system. The base unit provides the electrical power required to energize the computational elements. A plurality of ident
5316787 Method for manufacturing electrically isolated polyimide coated vias in a flexible substrate May 31, 1994
A method and system for manufacturing electrically isolated vias in a flexible substrate composed of a metal core laminated by layers of an organic material. The method includes the steps of etching via holes, hydrolyzing the inner organic surfaces of the via holes and baking a polyi
5229916 Chip edge interconnect overlay element July 20, 1993
A chip overlay element is formed of a flexible substrate of polymer having electrically conductive material applied to one side thereof and circuitized to form signal lines. A metal stiffener/heat spreader is laminated to the polymer on the opposite side of the conductor. I/Os are fo
5198693 Aperture formation in aluminum circuit card for enhanced thermal dissipation March 30, 1993
A method and system are provided for forming apertures in the dielectric layers of an aluminum circuit to allow electrical connection to the aluminum core and enhance the thermal efficiency of integrated circuit devices attached thereto. Specifically, the apertures are formed to acco
5146674 Manufacturing process of a high density substrate design September 15, 1992
Substrate layers with individual bumps and cavities are provided which can be manufactured and tested in parallel and then joined into a multilayer substrate. The method of manufacturing these layers, as contemplated by the present invention, includes initially forming a plurality of via
5065227 Integrated circuit packaging using flexible substrate November 12, 1991
A multilayer, flexible substrate upon which integrated circuit chips can be attached is disclosed. The input/output(I/O) connections from the chip do not radiate outward from the side of the die, but rather extend from a bottom surface. Since the I/O signal lines would not be accessible
5037311 High density interconnect strip August 6, 1991
An interconnect strip is provided for effecting electrical interconnection between pluralities of conductor pads disposed on circuit boards or the like in a high density configuration. The strip is fabricated from a polymer film carrier having laminated thereon a metal foil with pres
4943242 Zero insertion force high density connector system July 24, 1990
A system for providing low insertion force electrical interconnections between high density contacts for use in interconnecting circuit packages. A housing has disposed therein one or more pre-buckled beam connectors. Each connector has a resilient insulative strip carrying a plurality o

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