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Imanishi; Hiroyuki
Toyota, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8263278 Fuel cell system and its operation method September 11, 2012
A fuel cell system includes: a fuel cell which generates electricity; and control means which supplies an output power from the fuel cell to a predetermined load power source while realizing a low-efficiency operation of the fuel cell, thereby driving and controlling the load power s
8227123 Fuel cell system and current control method with PI compensation based on minimum cell voltage July 24, 2012
A control unit 80, when calculating a request current I0 according to a system request electric power Preq and calculating a target current I1 by correcting the request current I0 with PI compensation calculation based on a minimum cell voltage Vm detected by a cell monitor 101, variably
8111056 Converter control device for a bidirectional power supply system having plural parallel phases February 7, 2012
A converter device which is configured by connecting three converter circuits in parallel is provided between a secondary battery serving as a first power supply and a fuel cell serving as a second power supply. Two differential ammeters are placed on three reactors corresponding to the
8088527 Fuel cell system January 3, 2012
When a power generation instruction value for a fuel cell is reduced during warm-up of the fuel cell by a low power generation efficiency operation as compared to a normal operation and when supply of a reactant gas to the fuel cell cannot be controlled so as to follow the reduction
8048580 Fuel cell system with an oxidation gas flow controller November 1, 2011
A fuel cell system includes: a fuel cell stack which receives a fuel gas and an oxidation gas to generate a power; an air compressor which supplies the oxidation gas to the fuel cell stack; and a controller which reduces the oxidation gas flow rate supplied from the air compressor to

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