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Ikegami; Hidetsugu
Takarazuka, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5887008 Method and apparatus for generating high energy coherent electron beam and gamma-ray laser March 23, 1999
A function is introduced into a high energy electron storage ring or collider so as to form pulses of an electron beam each having a time width for causing coherence of electrons, thereby generating a high energy coherent electron beam. When a gamma-ray laser (GASER) is to be generated,
5815517 Method and apparatus for generating super hard laser September 29, 1998
In a method of generating a super hard laser, uniformization of the energy of an electron beam in an electron storage ring and formation of a pulse of the electron beam through gyration phase bunching are simultaneously performed so as to convert the stored electron beam into a coherent
5753914 Method and apparatus for investigating the physical properties of material surface layer May 19, 1998
An improved method is disclosed which investigates the surface layer of a material. A pulsed slow positron beam having a pulse duration in a nanosecond range is focused and irradiated on the reverse surface of a thin-film-like sample, and a probe is brought into contact with the front
5686802 Method and apparatus for generating coherent particle beam November 11, 1997
Equipment for achieving uniformalization of energy and pulsing of a particle beam is installed in an accelerated charged particle-beam generator or particle-beam storage ring. For maximum efficiency, a CMC (cyclotron maser cooling) unit for achieving uniformalization of energy and pu
5617443 Method and apparatus for generating gamma-ray laser April 1, 1997
An electron beam and a positron beam accelerated to the same energy are caused to join into a confluence in the same direction by a magnet for joining electrons and positrons, and positronium molecules or beam-shaped para-positroniums of the same phase cooled to transient Bose-Einstein

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