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Iida; Mamoru
Kadoma, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6605388 Battery cell electrode core plate, fabrication method therefor, and battery cell made therewith August 12, 2003
In a first process, an electrically conductive thin metal plate 7 is subjected to a press molding process employing a plurality of punches 3 in a primary molding block 1 and a plurality of dies 4 in a secondary molding block 2, so as to form therein a plurality of hollow projections 9 th
6322922 Sealed battery and method for manufacturing same November 27, 2001
A metal reinforcing plate is welded in place close to the opening on the inside of the battery case, and a plastic insulation gasket and a sealing member provided with an anti-explosion mechanism or the like are sequentially mounted on the metal reinforcing plate. By this arrangement,
6258480 Battery and method of manufacturing therefor July 10, 2001
A battery accommodates elements for electromotive-force within a metal case. This metal case is a metal case having a bottom wherein the bottom thickness/side thickness ratio has a value of 1.2-4.0 and has a cylindrical, prismatic or similar shape. The metal case is constructed of a
6132900 Method of production of non-aqueous electrolyte battery and seal plate thereof October 17, 2000
The present invention relates to a construction of an explosion-proof safety vent for small-size non-aqueous electrolyte batteries such as prismatic lithium-ion secondary batteries or with an oval cross section hence with a small area of seal plate, and to a method of producing a seal
6125677 Apparatus for processing battery case can, a battery, and a manufacturing method of battery October 3, 2000
To present a processing apparatus capable of forming an annular support portion for mounting a sealing plate on an elliptical battery case can at high precision and high productivity, and a structure of an elliptical battery using an elliptical battery case can.An elliptical battery case

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