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Husson; Alan L.
Hackettstown, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4656572 PWM inverter April 7, 1987
A PWM inverter in which the maximum three-phase RMS pole-to-pole output voltage is increased, to more efficiently utilize a fixed DC power supply, by generating substantially sinusoidal changing pole voltages having no values within predetermined zones adjacent to each power supply limit
4587511 Elevator system with hall lamp status monitoring May 6, 1986
An elevator system in which an elevator car serves the floors of a building under the direction of a car controller. A hall lantern controller and associated hall lamps are located at each floor served by the elevator car. A serial hall lantern riser extends from the car controller past
4567560 Multiprocessor supervisory control for an elevator system January 28, 1986
An elevator system, and method of monitoring same, which includes a plurality of elevator cars under the group supervisory control of at least first and second processors, which all share a common memory over a system bus. The first processor periodically monitors its own status, and it
4547732 Digital tachometer October 15, 1985
A digital tachometer in which first pulses are produced at a rate proportional to the speed of a device. Second pulses are produced at a constant rate which exceeds the maximum rate of the first pulses, and a binary counter provides a binary count of the second pulses produced betwee
4499974 Terminal slowdown speed pattern generator February 19, 1985
Methods and apparatus for providing a desired terminal slowdown speed pattern as an elevator car approaches a terminal floor in the terminal slowdown zone. Markers are fixedly spaced in the zone, with their spacing being a direct function of their distance from the terminal floor. The
4470482 Speed pattern generator for an elevator car September 11, 1984
A speed pattern generator, and method of generating a speed pattern, for use by an elevator car during a run to a target floor. The speed pattern includes a time based portion and a distance-to-go based portion. Calculations during the time based portion are minimized by calculating
4463833 Elevator system August 7, 1984
An elevator system in which a count is maintained to enable a car to be leveled in the correct travel direction in the event the car stops outside the landing zone of a target floor. The count is incremented each time the advanced car position changes floors, and it is decremented each t
4457404 Elevator system July 3, 1984
An elevator system having an elevator car, a DC drive motor for driving the elevator car, an adjustable voltage DC source for the drive motor, overvoltage and overacceleration detectors responsive to the armature voltage of the drive motor, test apparatus for testing the operability of
4436185 Elevator system March 13, 1984
A method of reinitializing an elevator system upon the return to service of an elevator car following the occurrence of an event which could result in the car stopping in the hatch without regard to floor level. The method includes the steps of determining if the elevator car is within a
4433756 Elevator system February 28, 1984
An elevator system which develops information relative to car location in the associated building from an extensible coded tape in the hoistway. The tape is tensioned and then fixed at predetermined locations such that predetermined positional relationships between the tape and the hoist
4416352 Elevator system November 22, 1983
An elevator system including an elevator car and a drive machine having a DC drive motor, a dual converter, and a phase controller for providing gate drive signals for the dual converter. A reference signal relates to the desired motor armature current is developed in response to the
4397377 Elevator system August 9, 1983
An elevator system having a plurality of cars under group supervisory control by a programmable dispatcher. A monitor detects dispatcher failure via a plurality of tests which includes timing each hall call, and performing predetermined checks, tests and comparisons for each call rel
4373612 Elevator system February 15, 1983
An elevator system including an elevator car, and control apparatus for controlling its speed, including a floor selector and a speed pattern generator. The speed pattern generator provides a running speed pattern, and a slowdown speed pattern. A smooth transfer from the running speed
4357997 Elevator system November 9, 1982
An elevator system which improves service to floors located below the main floor, i.e., basement and subbasement floors, by treating up and down hall calls originating from these floors as separate up and down basement zones. A hall call is allocated to a suitably conditioned busy car, i
4331220 Elevator system May 25, 1982
An elevator system including an elevator car, and control apparatus for controlling its speed, including a speed pattern generator. The speed pattern generator provides a running speed pattern, and a slowdown speed pattern, wherein the deceleration rate of the slowdown speed pattern may
4261439 Elevator system April 14, 1981
An elevator system including an elevator car, and control apparatus for controlling the speed of the elevator car, including a speed pattern generator. The speed pattern generator provides a running speed pattern and a slowdown speed pattern, and it forces the slowdown speed pattern to
4162719 Elevator system July 31, 1979
An elevator system including a plurality of elevator cars capable of individual, independent control, and a system processor which places the plurality of elevator cars under group control. A monitor responsive to the calls for elevator service, and the resetting thereof when a call has
4161236 Elevator system July 17, 1979
An elevator system including an elevator car mounted for guided movement in the hoistway of a building having a plurality of floors. The speed of the elevator car versus its position is monitored in terminal zones adjacent to the terminal floors, as the elevator car approaches each termi
4161235 Elevator system July 17, 1979
An elevator system in which the movement of the elevator car is responsive to a comparator which provides an error signal responsive to the difference between the magnitude of a speed pattern signal provided by a speed pattern generator, and a signal responsive to actual car speed. An

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