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Hughes; Larry M.
Indianapolis, IN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4599564 Tubular semiconductor magnetic field sensor and circuits for use therewith July 8, 1986
A structure employing the Hall effect for indicating the direction of a magnetic field and comprising a two-ended tubular device of a semi-conductive material and a current generating means for creating, in the absence of a magnetic field, a circumferentially uniformly distributed cu
4467466 Video disk player having door lock mechanism August 21, 1984
The caddy door is connected to a pair of front record receiving pads by means of a compliant member such that the caddy door is shut and open when the front receiving pads are respectively advanced and retracted. The connecting member is provided with a raised portion which engages the
4450548 Disc record player having stylus cleaner May 22, 1984
The stylus cleaner includes a stylus wiping pad holder mounted for motion along a path which is angularly disposed with respect to the carriage path. The location of the holder path is such that the stylus arm carriage engages the holder to drive it away from the record, against the forc
4439852 Disc player having record handling apparatus March 27, 1984
A record handling mechanism in a disc record playback system includes a record lifting finger which rises through a slot in the turntable to lift a record against a pair of stops located above a set of record receiving pads. The record receiving pads are then retracted out of the way, an
4432086 Turntable apparatus for video disc player February 14, 1984
A turntable secured to a bearing member is freely rotatable about a support post. The bearing member has radial slots through which the fingers of a segmented spindle protrude. The spindle is axially slidable on the post. A spring is disposed about the post for urging the spindle upward
4398281 Caddy loading video disc player August 9, 1983
In a video disc player, an empty sleeve is inserted into an input slot provided in the player along a pair of guide rails to retrieve a record/spine assembly retained therein. The caddy guide rails are provided with a set of oppositely disposed notches near the input slot to block the
4325136 Video disc player having carriage drive apparatus April 13, 1982
A stylus arm carriage is driven across the record in synchronism with the radial motion of a pickup stylus by means of a carriage drive mechanism which includes a clutch. The clutch is selectively disabled to allow motion of the carriage without hindrance by the carriage drive mechanism.
4321702 Carriage reset apparatus for disc record player March 23, 1982
A record cover engages a carriage-mounted pushback member to effect translation of the carriage toward the carriage starting position during insertion of a cover into the player when the pushback member is latched. When the carriage arrives at the desired position, the pushback member is
4305146 Disc player having disc stabilizing apparatus December 8, 1981
In a video disc player, the turntable spindle is held in engagement with the record center hole when the turntable is lowered to transfer the record to the receiver pads. A mechanism, responsive to the insertion of an empty jacket into the player, retracts the spindle to allow insertion
4305145 Spindle retracting mechanism for disc record player December 8, 1981
In a video disc player, the turntable spindle is held in a raised position such that it is maintained in engagement with the record center hole when the turntable is lowered to transfer a spinning record from the turntable to the receiver pads. A mechanism, responsive to the insertion of
4285524 Stylus cleaning apparatus for video disc player August 25, 1981
A stylus cleaner arm is pushed back to a retracted position when a record-bearing caddy is inserted into the player to load an enclosed record therein. The cleaner arm is held in the retracted position by the retained spine upon subsequent jacket withdrawal. The cleaner arm follows t
4247119 Record side identification apparatus for video disc player January 27, 1981
A record side identification apparatus for a video disc player comprises a sensing member which is deflected to a first position and a second position in response to insertion of a video disc caddy into the player with a given side thereof respectively facing upward and downward. The

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