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Huang; Chun-Chung
Taipei, TW
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D558205 Mouse December 25, 2007
D521515 Mouse May 23, 2006
D520008 Mouse May 2, 2006
D513258 Mouse December 27, 2005
D458932 Optical mouse June 18, 2002
7557798 Wireless input device July 7, 2009
A first wireless input device includes a body, a case, a structure and a button. The button, connected to the body, activates the structure to make the case detach from the body when being depressed so that an electronic device stored in the first wireless input device is capable of
7131781 Keyboards November 7, 2006
A keyboard. A keyboard subassembly is disposed on a base and moves between a first position and a second position. The keyboard subassembly provides a first angle of elevation when in the first position, and a second angle of elevation when in the second position. The first angle of elev
7053884 Input apparatus with supporting arm May 30, 2006
An input apparatus and auxiliary input apparatus are described. In one embodiment, the input apparatus has an input unit and at least one supporting arm. Users hold the supporting arms with some of their fingers and operate the input units with other of their fingers. In another embo

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