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Hu; Oliver Yoa-Pu
Taipei, TW
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7169763 Cytochrome P450 3A inhibitors and enhancers January 30, 2007
The present invention provides cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) inhibitors and enhancers. Examples of the CYP3A inhibitors include free bases or pharmacologically acceptable salts of at least one of the following compounds: .alpha.-naphthoflavone, .beta.-naphthoflavone, apigenin, baicalein
6703398 Orally administered analgesic compositions containing nalbuphine March 9, 2004
The present invention provides orally administered pharmaceutical compositions which contains an effective amount of free base or pharmaceutcially acceptable salts of nalbuphine and/or nalbuphine ester, an oily substance, and a solubility-assisting agent. The oily substance is prefer
6680067 Controlled-release pharmaceutical preparation containing nalbuphine and a process for preparing January 20, 2004
A controlled-release pharmaceutical preparation containing an oil suspension which comprises an analgesic and an injectable oil. The analgesic is either a nalbuphine free base or a pharmaceutical salt of nalbuphine such as nalbuphine HCl. The injectable oil is preferably sesame oil.
6544954 Stable galactose injection solutions April 8, 2003
The present invention provides stable galactose injection solutions, which contain 1 to 50% by weight of galactose, 0.01 to 1 M of a buffer solution, and 0.01 to 5% of an antioxidant. The preferred buffer solution is citrate buffer. The preferred anti-oxidant is sodium bisulfite. The gal
6225321 Long analgesic acting nalbuphine polyester derivative and method of use May 1, 2001
The nalbuphine polyester derivative is related to a novel long acting agent. The nalbuphine polyester derivative is R--[CO-NAL].sub.n wherein n is an integer from 2-4 and, in which the R is selected from a saturated or nonsaturated, substituted or unsubstituted, aliphatic or aromatic gro
6162459 Acyclovir transdermal delivery system December 19, 2000
A transdermal formulation for providing antiviral effect in dermis or epidermis, wherein comprising (a) 0.01 to 30 weight percent of antiviral drug; (b) 0.05 to 20 weight percent of a Chinese medicine enhancer; and (c) a pharmaceutical acceptable vehicles. The antiviral drug is selected
6004969 Transdermal delivery of buprenorphine preparations December 21, 1999
Buprenorphine is a potent analgesic agent, it has been shown to be as effective as morphine. The main clinical application of buprenorphine is to relief postoperative pains or for patients in the terminal phase of cancer. The chance of becoming addiction and abuse is low, therefore it is
5807115 Dissolution apparatus simulating physiological gastrointestinal conditions September 15, 1998
An automated dissolution apparatus and method that simulates the physiological condition of gastrointestinal tract has been developed. The invention is capable of continuously adjusting the pH and enzyme content of dissolution medium with consideration of the transit time of a pharma
5686423 Di-and tri-peptide mimetic compounds for Parkinson's disease November 11, 1997
A series of di- and tri-peptide mimetic dopamine prodrugs are synthesized in which D-phenylglycine or D-p-hydroxyphenylglycine is attached as tools for delivery of L-dopa through the intestine via the intestinal dipeptide-mediated carrier transport system. These compounds are found u

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