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Hu; Charles C.
San Jose, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D294231 Occupancy sensor February 16, 1988
5189393 Dual technology motion sensor February 23, 1993
A dual technology sensor which uses both ultrasonic and infrared sensors is disclosed. The electronic circuit of the invention requires detection by both sensors to activate the load. Thus, false triggering will not occur unless the false triggering device both emits heat and moves. The
5124566 Shutoff circuit for sensor controlled switch June 23, 1992
The present invention provides a shutoff circuit for a sensor controlled switching apparatus which does not require an additional high current switch. A two pole low current switch is used with one pole providing a control signal to the high current switch to open the high current switch
4820938 Low voltage motion sensor for activating a high voltage load April 11, 1989
The present invention utilizes a latching relay having on and off inputs for controlling power to a load. The on and off inputs of the relay are controlled by pulse generators which are in turn controlled by an occupancy sensor circuit. These pulse generators provide pulses when move
4661720 Occupancy sensor April 28, 1987
An improved apparatus for switching off power to an electric load in the absence of the detection of movement from the doppler shift of a transmission signal. An oscillator generates an ultrasonic transmission frequency which is transmitted via a transmission plate coupled to the osc

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