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Hrovat; Davorin
Dearborn, MI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5696681 Brake steer vehicle dynamics control intervention December 9, 1997
An electronic controller applies a braking force to selected wheels when sudden tire rupture is detected. A tire rupture signal indicative of whether a tire on the vehicle has ruptured is generated. Signals corresponding to a desired trajectory of the and the actual trajectory of the
5682316 Vehicle traction controller with engine and brake control October 28, 1997
A vehicle traction controller includes engine control and brake control routines to improve vehicle traction. The engine control routine reduces average slip of driven wheels of the vehicle by retarding spark timing and by reducing air flow into the engine via an electronically controlle
5563792 Vehicular surface traction characteristic estimation techniques October 8, 1996
A technique for estimating a traction characteristic of a surface under a moving vehicle, such as the coefficient of friction of the surface. The traction characteristic can be estimated by generating a torque signal representative of at least an estimate of the amount of torque applied
5520146 Electronic control system for single and series throttle valves May 28, 1996
An electronic controller for automatically adjusting the position of a throttle valve in either a single valve or a series valve throttle mechanism. A primary controller (20) produces an output signal (18) suitable for directly operating the single throttle valve in a "drive by wire"
5515279 Method and apparatus controlling cross-axis oscillations in a vehicle traction controller May 7, 1996
An electronic traction controller for a vehicle reduces oscillations between a pair of driving wheels which may occur when the the traction controller attempts to control wheel spin of the driving wheels on surfaces which have differing frictional resistances, such as roads partially
5471386 Vehicle traction controller with torque and slip control November 28, 1995
A vehicle traction controller controls vehicle traction and directional stability by determining the rotational velocity of the vehicle. The rotational velocity of the vehicle is measured and compared to a predefined range. If the rotational velocity is outside of the predefined rang
5365441 Vehicular wheel spin control techniques November 15, 1994
Techniques for controlling the spin of driven wheels of a vehicle also including non-driven wheels and an engine controlled by a spark angle and/or throttle position. The spark angle is controlled by a signal responsive to a slip error signal and a slip error derivative signal in ord
5278761 Method for vehicular wheel spin control that adapts to different road traction characteristics January 11, 1994
Techniques for controlling the spin of driven wheels of a vehicle being driven over a surface, the vehicle also including nondriven wheels and an engine having a fuel system for varying engine torque. A characteristic signal representative of at least an estimate of the value of a tracti
4792902 Engine ignition timing for a clutch engagement control system December 20, 1988
A system and method for controlling the ignition timing of a spark ignition internal combustion engine in a driveline that includes a multiple speed ratio transmission, at least one of whose operating speed ratios depends on the engaged or disengaged state of a clutch, the rotating inert
4768608 Antislip control method and system September 6, 1988
A method and control system for controlling the wheel slip of a vehicle having at least one driven wheel coupled to an internal combustion engine. Feedback variables are generated and summed to generate a feedback control signal for controlling the engine throttle to reduce the wheel sli

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